It is Possible to Protect from O Cancer Type with 'Vaccine'

– The most effective protection against cervical cancer, which affects approximately 530,000 people every year in the world and results in death in half of the patients, is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine it is stated that it is possible to do it.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Head of Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Ministry of Health Member of Advisory Board on Immunization Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan stated that the human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which causes the disease, is a virus that usually causes sexually transmitted infections in women and men, resulting in various cancers.

Cowhan emphasizes that HPV is the only cause of cervical cancer in women, "So if the HPV is not infected, cervical cancer does not develop. The HPV-cervical cancer relationship is 20 times more than the non-lung cancer relationship. This virus is also the cause of the warts seen in the genital area. "

"Many Muslim countries started to be implemented"

Ceyhan stated that the vaccine was approved in 132 countries, saying:

"82 countries around the world have included the HPV vaccine in the national vaccination program, and the states concerned have applied this vaccine to all citizens free of charge and continue to implement it. In 77 countries, the vaccine is offered to men as well as women. Men are vaccinated in 15 out of 82 countries who routinely vaccinate. The HPV vaccine is now being applied by the state, in many Muslim countries such as Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Kazakhstan and Malaysia. "

Ceyhan said vaccination is 85% effective in protecting against cervical cancer and 90% in protection from warts. He pointed out that vaccination rates are low and that vaccination rates are low. Studies show that vaccination is much cheaper than spending on cervical cancer treatment. "

"Smear screening tests should be done even if vaccination is done"

Dursun pointed out that HPV vaccines are being taken on a pediatric vaccination schedule in many developed countries, stressing that post vaccination studies are effective in preventing lesions that are likely to become HPV-associated high-grade cancers and that HPV-associated warts are also effectively reduced. "Even with vaccination, smear screening should be done again," Dursun said. Because the types that are not in the vaccine can lead to cervical cancer development. "

"WHO has reported that cervical cancer is among the cancer that can be eradicated from the world in the long run in case of vaccination, screening and early diagnosis," Dursun said.

"In the US, more than 50,000 patients had clinical trials before they started using the vaccines, and the side effects were minimal and insignificant. In the US, 90 million HPV vaccinations were performed between 2006 and 2016 with few side effects reported. WHO emphasizes that HPV vaccine is effective and safe and has an important role in the prevention of HPV-associated cancers. "

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