It can come with 250 horsepower; The first details that created excitement from Hyundai Kona N in the development phase



The Hyundai Kona N project, which has begun to take shape in the direction of the statements made by Albert Biermann, the first name of the N department, will please its enthusiasts.

recently about £ 99,000 with prices starting from entering the Turkey market Hyundai Kona began to smile on the faces of the brand. The model, which is designed to make a difference in its class, is also on the front line for Hyundai's electricity plans. In February, Kona is now preparing for a third lane, with a range of 470 kilometers worthwhile electric version. Within a short period of time, Kona, which is on its way to becoming the third actor of the N department, introducing the models i30 and Veloster under their own rosette. Information from the departmental account Albert Biermann reveals that a model with at least 250 horsepower is waiting for us .


Expectations are high

Biermann, who has already started working on the prototype version of the vehicle, is quite hopeful about the process of serial production. For the Kona N, which is on the agenda of shaping the transfer of the 2.0-liter turbo machine we saw on the i30 N " Of course, we can give Kona different features in terms of suspension and steering. There are some common components that we can use as the same as the i30 N as the lakin will have a front-wheel drive infrastructure, giving the signal that the power value can reach up to 280 bikes. The option of an electronic differential lock as an option is also among the possibilities currently on the desk. You can follow the progress of the project, which is a chance to see more concrete results before the end of 2018, on

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