Is it right to compare our old and new relationships?

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Dear old relationship, dear old boyfriend, dear old darling … I live a brand new relationship today. I will forget the anguish you lived on me. I will get through the "worthlessness" that you feel for me … I will get the respect that you can not show me in this relationship. Whatever you can not give me I will have it in my new relationship … My dear ex-wife, I will live "in faith" in this new marriage, whatever I can not live with you and remain in me …

Now we can create a book from which we write a paragraph. How does it feel to you when you read this paragraph? Are we in our old relationship or are we really talking about the new relationship or marriage when we turn the sentences in this paragraph like a band in our minds? So if we start with all the renewal of the "old" relationship with the assassin, can you really relate to a new relationship?

Now let me go one step further. There are also comparisons … Here is a very, very delicate balance. I would like to take a closer look at today's comparisons and relations with you, to compare the people we live with, and to compare the feelings we live there with today … Why do we reflect the antiquities today? Why do we need to compare today with what we used to be? Why does it always have to be better today? Why is the weight of what is with us today so much heavier? Instead of a flow that we can easily define as a racehorse and why we can define it as better, more polite, more docile, more receptive, more sensitive or self-similar, the other person (and not our life)

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<p> It is inevitable … "<em> My ex-boyfriend did not raise my voice to me </em>" Sometimes we do not have the culprit … We now have completely different gates in our relationship with this sentence. As we began to "take" the people, we lit the fire in our face … It is not noticed that comparing with a woman or a man, both sides are taken and feel to be inadequate. He thinks that he can not be as happy as the other party, he can not, we still look for that old relationship. At the end, the point we are after is the uncomfortable quarrels and restlessness. </p>
<p> As we have explained here, we will say, "<em> As it used to be, then I was like this, I have done this in my relationship </em>" … Do we think good results? We do not think and one day comes "why" we ask you so angry or insecure, what have I done to you? The thing we do (knowingly or not know) is that we are making a comparison about the other side … </p>
<p> <strong> Now come, let us put ourselves in the place of our love, or our partner, in the new relationship we love. <em> My ex-wife took them to me … My ex-girlfriend took me here … My ex-girlfriend gave me this valuation … </em> "Is not the back of the cums empty? How did we fill it? I will reply to you: "<em> Yes, I am not your ex-wife, I am sorry that you do not understand this. But I will not take you there just to be like him. </em> "Or maybe there may be an anger out there, do not we understand that today we have a new relationship with this man or woman? I do not want to be better or worse than the other, does not love me like I do? <em> That's not right I'll be your best lover's best wife and I'll give you the best of everything, I'll always be the best for you, I'll make them forget </em> "Let's take the last crap, what will the purpose of the relationship be? He has long since left something for himself … Yes, it is programmed to be "better" as if it were a race, it becomes self-love, and love is bound to be better … </strong> </p>
<p> <img class= The most important question of the relationship: When did we come to this point


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