Is it possible to stay late for life by being deprived?

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I can not do this because I can not do it because it is impossible for me … I can not believe it because it is because I passed it … It is too late now because it passed me … Yes for someone else but if I think about me privately about me, I could have wanted to do it five years ago, but it is too late, it is not possible to pass me … I wanted to see it, but travel is now tiring me too, passed by me, it is too late, I can go where I want it is not possible after this age …

Here I would like to take a closer look at how we decided to become "late" and think about whether it is "really" this way … We feel that we are now too late to pass this "late" other "people, that is, people we see around us, but we have not realized until a certain age.

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<p> Now let's look at a few real examples, how we can make ourselves late in life, even in our lives, just "with words" … Our first example is to be "homeowner". In fact, we can think of having a property or property associated with money. <em> I did not accumulate as much as this life, I came to this age, there was not enough params to be a host, I have already passed my age, I can not be a host … </em> "What happened to your first mind when you read this sentence? I think that the person who built this sentence actually believed how the "self" was late in life … It is only our belief that our age is a limit for the money we will win or the property we can get … </p>
<p> Another very basic example is that we have children, especially when we think of our age and biological watch. "<em> I can not be a mother until this life is no longer possible, it is not possible that I can be a child, everyone is a younger mother, it is too late for me, I will not even try, being my mother is not possible after this age … </em> "What do you think the first time you read this sentence? When I was writing, I understood again that age is only a belief in ourselves. Though we have not grown up in our own bodies, there are thousands of children who have come to life with this lack of parents. If we really want to be a mother, we can adopt a child, we can give her a beautiful life, we can spend as much effort as possible to avoid being alone in her journey in this world … And even one of these options has no limit on "age" … </p>
<p> Again from our beliefs about being late and physical strength; "After this age" I will run marathon "no dear, passed me by now" is not possible after fifty years old … after this age will I lose weight? What will I look better after this age and look better in my body? After this age, after years of wear and tear, I will be "balanced" what will happen, so many years of destruction will come back to me … I passed … Now I want to examine these cues with you. Are we still alive? If our answer is yes, we are responsible for looking after ourselves and protecting our body in the best possible way at any age … We will continue to live in our body, to live in our body, to be one with our body. </p>
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