Interesting story of a lost camera in the sea for two years



When a Canon camera dropped into the sea for more than two seasons, it hit the shore causing an interesting discovery.

It is interesting to note that the falling camera in the waterproof chamber is still working.

A group of 11-year-old children from a group of school students in charge of clearing a beach in Taiwan finds an object completely covered with foreign bodies. After thoroughly cleaning up, it turns out to be a Canon G12 digital camera in an obsolete waterproof case. Park Lee, the teacher of the group, later discovers that a woman is vacationing in Japan by running the camera without any extra action.


Call from the social media to the owner of the camera

After clarifying details such as Japanese being about women, the last photograph taken in September 2015, and Isigaki Island, teacher Lee aims to find the owner of the camera by publishing a shipment on Facebook. It is not very ethical for us to take a look at the photos of others, but if we can look at the contents of the camera, we think maybe we can get a clue about the owner of the camera. "The shipment is getting attention with a share of thousands of people

After 48 hours of popularization, the owner of the camera, thanks to a friend who knows him from Facebook. Name Serina Tsubakihara, a third-year college student, is reported to be in September 2015 at İşigaki. The camera is on its way to Japan, from Taiwan's shores, to miles of roads.




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