Interesting method of converting aluminum foil "jewelery" from the Japanese [Video]





Aluminum foil is usually packaged or cooked, and we use it as a kitchen regenerator in our daily routine. But this step by a Japanese jeweler can turn aluminum foil into both a stylish metal and a new trend.

A new trend this time came from Japan that we are used to hear about technological innovations. The unusual trends we are used to seeing more in America seem to have captured Japan this time. A Japanese jeweler who shows off his skill in aluminum foil that we can easily get from almost any market, has 3 million views already on YouTube with videos showing his hand skill in it.


This video is quite simple compared to this video,

Hammer and polish for this trend

First of all, the process is started with the provision of superficially assembled aluminum foil. Then, with the help of a simple hammer, the foilball ball starts to simulate the ball. It is necessary to turn the sphere roughly into a round shape in order to smoothly carry out the polishing process which is the next stage by applying pressure gently to each side of the globe. It is quite surprising to see that a jewel has emerged with patience, time and a little bit of polish after you are sure of its form.

curiosity of a particular film polishing technique has become the trend in Japan will come out of the well about Turkey.

You can watch the video from the video about the phases of converting the foil to the foil.




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