Interesting innovation to change shares for Instagram'a Stories feature





Facebook 's popular platform Instagram won more new feature in the Storybook used today by the masses .

Instagram 'IN INCREASE (!) Snapchat' is more popular than the total number of users Stories is really popular. As a result, the company continues to develop its features and today announced an interesting innovation to change sharing. The long-tested feature allows everyone else to share their open shares in Story format . So now you can easily take a picture of a friend into your own story. The story that you created is a platform that adds a link to the account you are going to share, so it makes your life more important. For this, it suffices for people to use the option to print the paper plane icon located at the far right of sharing and then add the topmost "Create new story from this content" option. First, The feature that is active in the Android application is coming soon to iOS as the saying goes .


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Instagram also featured video chat in the last weeks

This new feature allows people to chat with friends in the app. The application, which supports up to four people and divides the screen in four, is being opened for everyone's use in the near future. The platform used by more than 800 million every month reaches more people than its rival with the Stories Stories feature taken from Snapchat . You know, the platform that is really growing by the influence of Facebook is preparing for many new innovations that you can get from here .

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