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Many interactive and creative lighting designs from Bigumigu to Rolo controlled like a fire, controlled by breeze Breeze We gave. With StudioKnob's Click, a new addition to this enlightening activity that invites interaction to the user is added.

 Interactive Lighting in the Rope View "width =" 600 "height =" 338 "/> </p>
<h2> The magic lamp hits metal surfaces as "click" </h2>
<p> The Israeli design studio <a href= StudioKnob which aims to reinterpret the light switch functioning as an on / off switch in lighting, created a lighting scheme with a rope view. The design, which calls for users to touch, change, and interact, consists of two metal ends and a throbbing body. Click attaches to this surface because of its magnetic structure when you touch the two ends to the metal surface. In the meantime, he makes a clicking sound just like his name.

Rope with LED light bulbs

Parts of the design can carry low-voltage electricity through them. At this point, when you touch a metal surface from the tips of the Click, the LED lights in the background are on. The rope versions offered in versions with different rope lengths can be placed in infinite shapes and combinations. As the rope is flexible, the user can bend or tie the rope in various shapes. The design can now be ordered from the website of the studio .

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<p> <img class= studioknob

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