Intel's Next Generation Z390 Processor Ready

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The official online presence on a mainboard of the Z390, which will support the Coffee Lake-S processors that will be released in early 2018, has been infiltrated.


Intel's Z390 processor to tackle AMD's new Ryzen processors is on the horizon.

Intel continues to extract the latest gas to the new processor architectures and motherboard chipsets. If you think that a major new product launch will take time, this is not going to happen anytime soon, you're wrong. The company has stepped up its efforts to ensure that the new Z390 will hit the market in early 2018.

The new Intel Z390 chipset is seen in the SiSoftware database. The new processor will work with 4/6/8 core processors to compete with AMD's next-generation Ryzen processors in the first quarter of 2018. The Z390 chipset, which will be used in conjunction with the new 8-core processors, will ensure the integration of the Coffee Lake-S processor family.

SuperMicro is the card partner of the new Z390 chipset. The motherboard in the SiSoftware database was the SuperMicro's Z7Z390-PGW motherboard. The absence of a processor on the card indicates that it is an early engineering example that will prevent the motherboard from being detected by SiSoftware yet. Or because the card is so new, SiSoftware is not able to test it

Intel marks the first quarter of 2018 as the release date of the new Z390 chipset. This will come before Computex, which will start in the first week of June. For Intel, the Z390-based card is important for introducing new processor architectures and chipsets during events held in Taiwan. What we know about the card is 5Gbit Ethernet and up to 1Gbit LAN support.







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  1. They need to double the number of PCIe 3.0 lanes on mainstream processors. WTF is the point of a 4 slot 16x motherboard when there are really only about 16 PCIe lanes free not dedicated to onboard items. Might as well be restricted to a single 16x PCIe slot and a bunch of crappy ISA slots.

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