Inspirational TED talk for those who think it's a difficult time


My good fortune in life is not always good. In health as illness, as bad luck as good luck, and happiness are as much a part of our lives as we are happy, and it is our choice to cope with them. In the face of bad situations we compare; At first we are surprised, worried, sad, of course we are right. But what we have to do later is to learn how to put ourselves together and cope with this situation. Because life likes to use not only goodness but also negativity to teach us the truths.

Below are stories of people who are not old enough to face the difficulties they are experiencing, and who know how to learn from them. These people from different parts of the world, from different social circles, have a common point: they have learned something from the negativity they have experienced and have maintained the rest of their lives in this direction

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Peter Ouko, lawyer

Peter was sentenced to prison for a murder committed by a 28-year-old interior architect, so he was in prison for seven years. The years when he went to jail after leaving his wife and children were undoubtedly the most horrible years of his life. Peter, who said that he had two victims in the case, said that one of them was the person who died and that the other was himself.

However, Peter refused to play the victim. He was in prison without guilt, and he was responsible for the distorted justice system. So he decided to read law. He joined the University of London distance education program in jail and finished law school. Now the African Prisons Project is supporting a named project. The aim of this project is to establish the first school of law behind bars and to educate detainees.

Ric Elias, CEO

Ric Elias, CEO of a marketing company named Red Ventures, was in the plane crashing into the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. What he experienced as a pilot witnessed the engine shut down and then witnessed [ Seconds to the Crash ") was a complete horror moment.

Elias, he was freed from the plane, and his life was never the same after this. Having realized that everything could change very easily, Elias directed questions about his life. He thought they could not do it. And he decided not to delay anything in his life again. I discovered what is the most important purpose of life and what it means. He felt like he had been given a second chance and he did his best to make good use of this chance.

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Martin Pistorius, author and designer

Martin, who entered the coma due to a discomfort in his brain at the age of 12, spent 13 years like this. He seemed trapped in his own body. He could not speak and could not communicate with anyone. Prior to that, Martin, who spent the first 12 years of his life as a happy and healthy child, was beginning to feel that the happy child was now too far away. The toys were removed from the rafa. Others decide what to eat, when to eat, when to bed, and when to join the wheelchair.

But then a therapist who came to their home noticed that Martin could communicate with his eyes. It was a turning point in his life. Having started communicating with a computer after this, Martin has stepped into sociability and found a job thanks to communication. Then he met his perfect wife. Martin, now a hired, working, married adult man, has worked hard to get to this point. There is even a book titled Ghost Boy (Ghost Boy)

that tells all the difficulties he has experienced.

Alix Generous, student

It took a long time for Alix, with Asperger syndrome, to start living a social life. Asperger syndrome, which is a higher functioning type of self-limited and restrictive social skills, has made many things difficult in his life, and making it difficult for him to adapt to society while growing up. He never had too many friends and he did not understand the joke. He had to spend a lot of time without bathing because he was very sensitive to the tissues and caused water tingling in his skin.

However, Alix is ​​a young woman who gave a lecture at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity today with his study of coral reefs. Alix says he has always had to ask himself if there is a better way in this process, since he has to deal with 25 therapists, 11 misdiagnoses and years of suffering and trauma. Alix is ​​currently co-founder of a company that offers autism support technology and is working to support people who share the same problem with him

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