Insomnia finds healing by sleeping in this center

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Patients with sleep disturbances in Erzurum find themselves healing by a night sleep test in the heart of the Regional Training and Research Hospital (BEAH).

Murat Kayabekir and his team diagnosed as a result of tests and analyzes overnight, are being treated in their respective branch physicians.

Murat Kayabekir, who is also responsible physician of the Center, told AA correspondent that physiology specialization is a scientific discipline that overcomes all body systems of laboratory branch and human physiology.

Kayabekir noted that physiology expertise cooperates with all branches of the hospital and that especially sleep is carrying out important studies for correct diagnosis of patients who are affected by water psychiatry and cardiology, and the diagnoses of the patients from these departments are put into sleep while they are sleeping. "

Kayabekir reported that those with sleep disturbances could be directly addressed to the center as well as directed to physicians in the hospital.

Kayabekir emphasizes that daytime sleepiness diseases such as obesity, heart rhythm, nightmare and sleeping disorders, snoring, sleep apnea and restless leg syndromes, hypertension, epilepsy, headache, hypersomnia, narcolepsy are being diagnosed here. also reported that disturbances leading to blockage could be diagnosed centrally.

Kayabekir explains that patients often do not know where to go for sleep disorder complaints. "In the morning, headache, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, uncertainty, forgetfulness, snoring, drowsiness in the mouth, dry mouth sensation, night sweats, teeth grinding, sleep examination under the supervision of the hospital-certified sleep technicians who applied ".

Hundreds of patients are tested for sleep each year

Kayabekir stated that the center was working on an appointment basis and that on average, 600-700 patients a year were tested for sleep .

Kayabekir quoted patients who were scheduled for sleep testing to receive electrophysiological signals from the body systems through the electrodes and sensors during the night, "At the same time, video recording is done to examine sleep behavior. As a result, brain activity, respiratory and heart-related parameters, movement system, snoring, and jaw status are printed on the computer during the night, varying amounts of oxygen. The records analyzed the next day are reported and shared with the patient and the physician. "

DR. Murat Kayabekir stated that the brain needs a physiological need such as sleeping and drinking water and a correct sleep process for quality awakening.

"Hypertension can cause diseases like heart attack and stroke"

Kayabekir interprets breathing as "sleeping for 10 seconds or more during sleep" as follows:

"This situation repeats itself dozens of times until sabotage and breathtaking divides sleep many times. One notices very few of these respiratory events during sleep. Blood oxygen levels decrease during the night, and other tissues and systems of the body, especially the brain and heart, are disturbed. This discomfort may manifest itself as sleepiness and fatigue during the day. The presence of advanced apneas can lead to diseases such as hypertension, heart attack and stroke. "

Kayabekir pointed out that unexplained illnesses in the outpatient clinics appeared in the sleep tests, suggesting those who have experienced this problem:

"We need to avoid as much as possible from electronic appliances and light, as long as our sleep and wake hours are regular, staying away from the day, regular exercise, regular nutrition, alcohol-caffeine restriction, correcting the physical conditions of the sleeping environment and making the most of daytime daylight. Weight control in snoring and sleep disorders, especially alcohol, and especially sleep medications, increases the incidence of apnea (sleep interruption). Treatments for nasal congestion are important. Continuous positive air pressure is the definitive and most effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. "

Patients are satisfied with the center

İdris Çelik has been suffering from sleep disturbance for 15 years. "I was treated for 2 nights in BEAH and I was very satisfied. I went to the hospital very kindly, but I got rid of the sleep disorder complaint thanks to Murat Hacam in Erzurum "

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İbrahim Hakkı Akketeci also complained about fatigue and weakness in the morning when he woke up, "I did not know exactly what the center did before. Here, the device will measure during 5-6 hours of sleep. According to him, they will diagnose the disease. I hope to find healing. "

Fikret Yildirim also stated that he applied to the center with the complaint of snoring, "Very uncomfortable I have snoring. I can sleep very late, I wake up very early in the morning. This disturbance has existed for about 7 years. I hope I will be well. "

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