Incredible Benefits of Using Olive Oil in a Hungry Stomach

Olive oil advice from Canan Karatay: For olive oil like water drink

Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology who participated in Olive Harvest Festival. Dr. Canan Karatay, everyone from 7 to 77 found plenty of olive oil drinks


Olives and olive oil products were introduced and informed in the festival, Professor of Internal Diseases and Cardiology. Dr. Canan Karatay gave a lecture on the benefits of natural, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Prof. Dr. Karatay, 7 to 77 for healthy living, everyone found plenty of olive oil drinks. Noting that the healthy fruits of the world are olives, the healthiest fruit juice is olive oil. Dr. Karatay, "You have to consume olive oil absolutely. Because olive oil means health. If you are healthy you will live a healthy and long life.

You must consume at least 30 olives a day. We are talking about a natural antibiotic that prevents all cancer types, especially breast cancer. Cholesterol is not horrible. He regulates the rate of sugar in your body, and makes you happy every day. "

When you drink olive oil even 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning, your health benefits are incredible. The olive oil produced from olives, which is the oldest and healthiest food of the earth, is the healing source of mankind for centuries.

1- Successfully treats hypertension, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, gastric and intestinal ulcers, rheumatism, gall bladder dementia, gallstones, bile duct obstruction, liver disorders, constipation, anemia, gout disease and skin cracking.

2-It is believed that olive oil is a single, unsaturated oil that is effective in protecting human health and especially from cardiovascular diseases

3-The local HLD increases the level of good-natured cholesterol we call

clears 4-LDL cholesterol

5-Provides digestibility because it is the easiest to digest in the oil.

6-Accelerates brain and bone development in children.

7-E vitamins reduce the effects of aging and tissue regeneration.

8-Scaling plays a big role in prevention.

9-Provides the strengthening of inanimate hair.

10-Weight gain: Olive oil contains plenty of fatty acid. Fatty acids are useful oils that give a feeling of satiety. So if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you can start by changing the oils in your kitchen to olive oil.


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