In the city of Hatay, the man who is 'Künefe Çevik' Kuneefe "title = UNIVERSAL UNIVERSITY The United Nations

The United Nations' UNESCO the gastronomic area of ​​the Creative Cities A copper tray in the hand of the statue "man " made for publicity in Hatay was played.

The tradesmen who realized that the sculpted kunfa tray placed in the Ulus Square known as "Künefeciler Meydanı" in Hatay Metropolitan Municipality was not in place, informed the municipal police about the situation.

The teams that found the horn in the hand of the sculptor "kneeling" kept a record.

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality's Twitter account of the following share of theft was found:

"We are calling to the person who borrowed the kronepet in the hand of the Kunefecý Statue we planted on the Antakya Bridge. Give kunefe tacsimizi, get a true tray kunefeyi. "

"We are wondering what the person who plays it is"

Mete Güneşer, head of Antakya Bridgehead Esnafi Association, told journalists that the tepsin is worth 20 pounds.

The price of the tread is not a good sign, Güner said, "This is a scaling down of our people. Our license from the authorities is punishment for those who do. I find that this incident is a public property damage and you are responsible. The statue had a copper tray in his hand. Our sculpture was also of little interest, the photographs were afraid. It was a small contribution. "

Artisan Ahmet Sevinç, who expresses the interest of the local and foreign tourists in the statue, also wanted to find thieves.

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Sevinç, explaining that they were amazed, said, "When we opened our shop this morning, we looked at the statue, there is no kronfe tray. At first we thought that the hill might not be in place because of the renovation, but we realized that it was stolen when we saw that the screws were broken and the minute was holding the minutes. We are wondering what the purpose of the person who plays the rapper is. "

Tradesmen Eren Raif Maraşlıoğlu and İbrahim Ovale expressed that they wanted to punish perpetrators or their agents because of the theft.