In a two-day event organized by a brand of organic cleaning products in London, customers are provided with custom prepared sustainable meals, without paying money, recycled plastic wastes.   The Rubbish café, opened exclusively for the event, draws attention to the pollution that it creates in the event that plastic packaging remains untouched for thousands of years if it is not recycled. However, the café also informs customers about plastic recycling.  

During the event, customers were informed about how much of the plastics they brought back could be recycled. Customers who learned that about 20% to 50% of the recycled plastic waste could be recycled, also explained why they would ask their companies to buy such products


The Rubbish cafe also attracted attention with its design and presented food. The food served in a café decorated with recycled materials was also prepared by ecologist Tom Hunt.


Hunt's main source, preparing 3 different dishes, is prepared from root vegetables obtained from sustainable sources. Hunt notes that this menu is designed as a response to the global waste scandal.


Referring to the fact that the purpose here is to avoid food waste and to evaluate the whole of the cabinets, Hunt explains that at the same time, eating in season and diversity is part of a sustainable mannequin.


Customers who come here also receive information on the problems of global plastics production and the recycling problem. Customers also think that consumers should now turn to different alternatives instead of using disposable plastics.