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Australian illustrator Vladimir Stankovic has caught a fine style that you can clearly distinguish from other artists. When you look at your drawings you see an aesthetic vintage that you are familiar with from old encyclopedias and scientific books.

Modern illustrations of the history of nature

Vladimir Stankovic usually produces fantastic illustrations inspired by nature or nature. In his series Marine Creatures he deals with the depths of marine life and creates realistic drawings in his own style. With the color palette of pastel tones and fine details, it is such a colorful realism that it does not squeeze in the viewer at all. Stankovic makes his drawings on paper by hand and color with water-based paint. Finally, using Photoshop makes the drawings ready for presentation.

Stankovic created different series with unique style. For example, there are illustrative projects where fairy tales, plants and bugs are handled. If you are interested in sea creatures and have stayed on the taste buds of Marine Creatures, I can recommend you to take a look at the series of Tales of the See where Stankovic depicts fantasy characters in a scientific way . The artist is also in; created a magical universe that welcomes marine daughters, whales, marines, octopuses and many other creatures accompanying marine daughters.

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Visual: Vladimir Stankovic

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