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IKEA plays the hearts of all of us with collections every time. Yeah, maybe every house has caused a little bit of each other, but it still has beautiful collections. The collection for the cat and dog for example, shot us all a bit in the heart. Or we are always attracted to by advertisements such as the house party of cool ghosts . Now IKEA, Eneby has made its first attempt to audio products with its collection of Bluetooth speakers.

Scandinavian self-made furniture giant Eneby is currently selling its speakers in 2 sizes. The front parts of all products are made of two different colors, gray and black. There is a small light on the front of the devices that indicates it is on or off. Like every IKEA product, these products have a minimal and simple design.

Minimal Design Maximum Sound Quality

The IKEA device is designed to be mounted on a flat surface or to be mounted on a wall for compatibility with different environments. In addition, IKEA has made Eneby loudspeakers large enough to fit into Kallax and Field storage units. So you can use them in the same way as you would with any IKEA product.

Eneby's handler also makes it convenient for portable use. You can install the product battery and easily walk around with you. Meanwhile, Eneby automatically turns itself off when you do not use it. So if you want to make a cool departure from home, you can open your departure singal. If you do not play a list, Eneby will turn itself off after a certain period of time. Eneby's battery allows 8 to 10 hours of operation. You can see on YouTube's trial videos that the sound quality is also pretty good.

The small Eneby loudspeaker is a tiny square measuring 20 × 20 cm, 30 × 30 cm in size. The small one was offered for $ 49, the bigger for $ 89. If your IKEA house is everything, you can try to be the voice of your house.

Visual: IKEA

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