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If you travel to other countries, you know that one of the greatest troubles is to negotiate with the people of that country. Yes, English is widely spoken all over the world, but not everybody speaks it, even in some countries it is even harder to find someone who speaks English. We have to explain ourselves with hand gestures or with words that are settled in every language. If you are searching for internet in one place you might say "wi-fi" and maybe you can tell your friendship, but if you go one time, it can be hard to tell your friendship. Or you could say that you are hungry and your hand movements may be inadequate.

Fortunately, technology is developing and the world of practice is expanding. Now we can learn some sentences in the language of where we will go with the applications we downloaded to our phone. Language practice Babbel's new ad also shows us these moments of humor and shows us how we are aliens if we can not agree with the people in the place we go.

One Language One Alien

We see a tourist alien living in the commercial made by W + K London and directed by David Shane . Our alien tourists are suffering a lot because they can not speak English in the city they are visiting. Bard laughs as if he is not listening to the story of a group of friends, who tells the story of the last moments of the story before his father dies. Hungry, donut goes in for food, but the person in the car does not understand it. The bus driver does not take him for a ride because he can not agree with the bus. And our alien tourist is sad about these situations. Then, in response to an appointment, the Babbel application is advertised and immediately begins downloading the application and listening to language learning trainings.

It was a funny way to portray someone who traveled abroad and could not agree with the people of the country they went to as an alien. Especially Dr. Alien. The fact that it's like a jumble from someone has created a nice detail. It's even more fun if you watch the ad thinking about your own holidays or the tastes of people in your immediate vicinity.

If you want to see the app you can download from the App Store and from the Google Play Store .

Advertiser: Babbel App
Agency: W + K London

Visual: YouTube

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