Hyundai i20 from Turkey, i30, Elantra and Tucson to move into the area of ​​short-term discounts



new Hyundai campaign, covering a short period of time such as a week in Turkey, the kind of interest to think of buying a new car.

next process more Kona and we expect to draw the attention of users in Turkey Hyundai, who offers a good opportunity to take the car. Hyundai Assan made clear by clarification of the campaign under the campaign that will only take a week to meet users, offers discounts and maturity options in four important models. Let us underline that Hyundai points to the May 23 as the official end date of the campaign and that our followers who are considering to evaluate should keep their hand fast.

There are two different options

The popular models of the brand Discounts up to 10,000 TL valid in i20, i30, Elantra and Tucson are numerically at the deceptive level. Hyundai also offers 20,000 TL for 15 months loan with 0 interest option for consumers who want to use the discount but not the discount and valid for all versions of i20. Again, under the same conditions, the Elantra and Tucson models have the option of 12 months 0 interest for 40.000 TL credit. Hyundai will be available at all authorized dealers in Turkey worth noting in this campaign. The starting prices of the models included in the campaign are as follows:

Tucson – 124,100 TL Elantra – Elantra –

You can reach the detailed price list here .

You may withdraw interest

Hyundai Kona Electric




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