How useful is the integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen? [Video]


                                                                         integrated fingerprint sensor on screen



You know that on the market now the screen has smartphones with integrated fingerprint sensor technology. How useful is this technology, which takes the place of solid physical sensors? Here is the video that gives the answer;

Marques Brownlee from YouTube 's largest technology – focused publishers today released a nice preview of the integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen. Also known as MKBHD this video uses Vivo X21 UD In the meantime, Synaptics 's smart phone with ClearID FS9500 fingerprint sensor is able to read fingerprints on its screen. As fast as it is shown at CES 2018, this sensor works fast enough, a physical buton. However, this shows that some problems are still in place. For example, the integrated fingerprint sensors on the screen do not work when the finger is wet like the physical ones . Also, technology does not work when people are dusted with their fingers, for example chips. Touch ID on the Apple device does not have any problems, Vivo X21 UD is behind. Even if the screen gelatine is attached, the technology that looks good to work can continue to perceive when it is scratched on it. This technology, which is still in the first generation, is likely to become even more advanced in the future. In this regard, Apple and Samsung also have serious work to read below.

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