How to Renew a Passport How to get a passport appointment

After 70 countries passports were visas, when there was no room when I said the stamps, Especially because the countries I will go to get a visa will want to see a blank page, I have renewed my passport. How do the passport renewal process work and how to get a passport appointment I explained the whole experience to the diets step by step below.

1. What are the types of passports?

Friends. First, I have to specify: Normally, there are two most commonly used passports. One is burgundy and the other is green passport. Bordeaux passports holders must obtain a visa on their way to many countries.

But green passport holders are very comfortable in this regard. They can go to more than 100 countries without a visa, but not everyone can get a green passport. Green passport is given to who You can read the details of the post already

How to get a passport; How to get the passport We recommend you to read until the end of the writing

If you are wondering which documents are necessary:

Meanwhile, there is one more thing: for example, you are under age 25 and you are a student; You are exempt from the passport. But you have to pay the book amount.

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I went to the US with student passports.

and I have already described the process for everyone below, please also first read the student passport free passport all of which answer all your questions about your passport


Now that we have explained what kind of passport you are, we can start the passport renewal process now . Now, sir. Passport renewal passes through a process similar to the process of issuing a passport that you actually know.

I renewed my passport as the passport was full. If you are going to get your passport for the first time, the process is almost the same anyway. Be aware.

Passport renewal process can be done if there is no page in your passport, your passport is worn out (when the chip is broken, the pages are torn, etc.) or your passport is lost. How to get your passport and visa Read it until the end of your writing

3. Where do I need to go for a passport renewal?

Passport renewal was done in the past, but that job has changed now. Since this year, renewal procedures are being carried out at the Population Directorates .

For him, either you need to make an appointment; or go to the directorate and wait in line. I now explain to you step by step how to apply for passport renewal :

4. How to get a passport renewal appointment ​​ You are logging into the Ministry of Internal Affairs site. Here, you click on the Make an appointment button.

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