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Those who enter the training process to be included in some professional groups; they will complete their education life by learning only the theory part. Besides, those who will turn the compulsory internship education into reality; they will also have the opportunity to perform the work they are studying in the field of study. As a result of the internship, they prepare an internship file for the institution they are studying; they will present it to their school in a report.

In order to prepare the internship file, it will be necessary first to bring this notebook cover to the regular place. At the same time, the logos and personal information of the educational institution you have read on the cover of the internship book should also be included.

You should also fill in the weekly work schedule in the next period after you have done the cover design of the internship book. By writing the histories in a certain way; you need to describe in detail which actions you take. Thus, if the internship commission is examined, it will be necessary to prepare this chart correctly so that any trouble will not come to an end.

The element of promoting the institution and division that will attract the attention of each commission member; it shows itself as the part where the most attention is paid to it. The information on this section, which will contain relevant information about the institution you are practicing, will also be easily accessible; it will be possible to access easily within the web site of the institution you are working on.

In the entrance section of the internship book you should mention briefly what you did during the internship period. Also include your personal thoughts in this report book which you should use your own cues.

By taking an effective assessment of what you have experienced in the internship; by showing the front planer by showing itself in the internship book; your personal comments will also be available to you.

In the appraisal process you will also be able to specify what kind of benefits you have after the internship process. By adding the contributions that the internship gives you; you can log in to the internship book.

Finally, all the information you learned in the internship will be available as a bibliography. At the same time, you have the chance to show the internet addresses in this section.



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