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Teraryumu you have seen in the flower shop. When the work of the thematic and the visual comes together, the wonders really come out. I wanted to do my own terrarium myself. Though not very original, I think you're doing well in my home. Most importantly, I have been using my own imagination.

You can also make terrariums in different concepts in your houses. First, determine the concept you want to do. Decide whether you will make plant terarium or decorative. I made a sea-based terrarium. Now I want to tell you about the stages of formation.

  • I chose the theme.
  • I supplied the necessary supplies from different places like shopping malls, pet shops.
  • I pitched pebbles into a 30 degree incline in the vase.
  • I made the sea by melting the candle I bought in the slope. (It can also be done with a gel candle.) I mixed the candles of 3 different colors hot among themselves
  • I placed the ship on the hot candle.
  • I placed the shells in the corner with a silicon gun
  • I planted the greens as sea plants among the seashells with silicon.

I created a terrarium in this way. Larger vases can handle a wider theme. Your source of inspiration may be the color of your room, the new year, nature, the sea, and more. As long as you want to get something out of the house, you can even make vases or vases. You can also use the objects for your theme from the materials in the house.

It is easy for the goal to create a certain theme and to pass it on to life

If you enjoy making a terrarium …


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