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<p> The flower headbands and me, it's a beautiful love story! In the first years of my blog I wore it all the time. I collected them in all colors and shapes! Besides, I still have them. I store them carefully in <a href= wicker basket which sits in my closet. It's sentimental, impossible to part with it even if I must admit that I got tired of wearing them everyday … Today, I still love this accessory but at a smaller dose: I wear it for official races (to tame my little hair) or for special occasions (wedding or ceremony).

So after all this time, I wanted to go to the next level by making myself a fresh flower headband with real flowers, please. But not just any flower, # LaFleurIdéale! According to Fleuron d'Anjou the producers' cooperative, it is the geranium that holds this title. It must be said that Geranium requires very little maintenance for a guaranteed flower power result from April until the first frost. It is also a flower that can suit everyone as it can be planted in the garden as well as staying in pots to decorate the house or balcony. What really charmed me with La Fleur Idéale is that it exists in more than 40 varieties or 40 colors! I'm crazy about colors, I did not know or give my head … And it's finally the variety Sarita Soft Pink Splash that made me capsize

 Fleuron Anjou Geranium "width =" 1040 "height =" 1560 "/> <img data-expand= Necessary material:

◆ A simple headband (in a supermarket)
◆ A floratape (in a garden center or a florist)
◆ A pair of scissors
◆ Pretty flowers # LaFleurIdéale

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<p> <span style= Production:
(about 45 minutes)

1. Cut the flowers leaving at least 3cm of stem (even if you want to cut it a bit later)
2. Assemble small flowers according to your taste to imagine the rendering on the headband.
3. Place the first flower at the top of the headband and secure it around Floratape.
4. Repeat for the following until you reach the desired part.
5. To wear the day of the confection for a wow effect!

 diy headband flowers "width =" 1040 "height =" 1560 "/> <img data-expand= NB 1: you can really make your ideal headband by choosing your color, your filling for a more or less voluminous effect on the head and you can even add leaves! Everything is possible according to your inspirations and desires!

NB 2: a crown of fresh flowers is of course ephemeral but you can still reuse your headband for other creations by removing the flowers once they are faded as well as the floratape.

 crown fresh flowers geranium "width =" 1040 "height =" 1560 "/> <img data-expand= Fleuron d'Anjou . And do not hesitate to tell me if you are interested in a special wedding outfit item so that I leave you to find the most beautiful dresses and the best deals. In the meantime, I leave you with the pictures of my fresh flower headband and my pretty hairstyle by Clara .

Happy Thursday,
xx Chloe

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