How to listen to music actively in 17 steps

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We look, but we do not see. We hear it, but we do not. Here is the pros. Now I'm going to play some voices. Let's see what song belongs to you? Are you ready? Close your eyes and listen.

We are full of music around us. But they all go through our life's fund. Music is not just the sounds that my ear reaches when walking on the road, ironing at home, or throwing a boat tour at summer holidays. All of this made us passive listeners. 99% of people listen to music passively like this.

There is also active listening. The definition is very simple. All you do is listen to the music. When I listen to passive, the concentration is other things. If this is the active version, the only task of the brain and body is to concentrate on music.

How to listen to active music?

  1. First of all you need to get rid of all the distractions. You can not actively listen by watching the video clip of the song. So turn off the TV.
  2. Find yourself a comfortable environment.
  3. You will listen with your whole body, not just your ear and your brain.

  4. If you have a headset, plug it in. Reduce other external voices as much as possible. Do not overturn the music. Especially when listening with headphones, it is likely to cause permanent damage. Already you do not need high pitch for a good music listening experience.
  5. Pick a nice piece of music. The type does not matter at all. It is enough to have music that you like to listen to. Because you will listen to the same track many times to become an active listener. I know it's not easy to do something like this in this age. There are millions of songs in music services, and according to statistics, people are pushing the "skip" key rather than the "play" key. 48.6% of the songs are changed without rest until .
  6. Sit back and close your eyes. Media is ready. You are ready too.
  7. Now you start playing music and leave yourself in your music arms … do not you think? No. Then you will fall asleep. In an active listening experience you should feel like a musician. For this you must be closed but eyes awake.
  8. First, try to explore the parts and layers that make up the music. Not many of us are listening to verbal music, not instrumental, and more attention is paid to the words of music. There is no problem with that. But today we will concentrate on the last word.
  9. Feel the rhythm. If you can, accompany him with your body.
  10. Concentrate on the bases. The deepest voices. Try listening with your ears closed. They will be at the bottom of the hearing range of sound frequencies that can reach you. When you concentrate on them, you start to hear Laurel instead of Yanny. If you listen to it from the speaker, feel the vibration with your hand.
  11. Skip to other instruments. Imagine how they make melodies.
  12. Try to figure out if your voices are dry or wet. How do they play in an environment? Think of the ambience they created.
  13. Some voices may remind you of something. It can animate a memorial. It may recall a color or a smell.
  14. Now we can start not to listen to the vocals. We will start at the bottom first. Man's breathing is also a rhythm. Try to hear those breaths.
  15. The body can turn into an instrument. At least you can join the rhythm by clapping your hands.
  16. The human voice is like a wind instrument. Find his melodies. Sometimes a few of them merge into harmony. Think of those two different sounds. What kind of hybride transforms.
  17. Do not try to search for every so called meaning.
  18. What was the mood, emotion, mod at the beginning of the song? What happened at last? Did your heartbeat accelerate or slow down?

Listen to different versions of music. To better understand what I mean, you can watch the video I made for the song "Why my guitar gently weeps". Each song can not actively listen. But if you leave yourself completely in your passivity, you start breaking away from the music.

In order not to break away from the music, Imagine Dragons has to be an active listener to transform the soul into a dove,

Because Sherlock Holmes said to his deputy, Watson: "You see, but you do not observe. There is a difference. "If you are sensitive but you do not listen, you will listen but if you do not feel you can never turn off the difference.

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