How to Handle Bone Marrow

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NATURAL MEAT BULYON – How to Make Bone Marrow at home?

Bone Water can be described as water obtained by bones of all kinds of edible animals boiled and passed through various processes. Bone water is a food we have consumed for many years because of the taste it gives to the foods and because it is healthy. We know we are healthy but we do not know much about what is useful.

When the bony juice is obtained, it can be used as soup or frozen and stored in the freezer, again adding soup, food and pilaf. In this article we will talk about the benefits of bone water and how to make homemade easy bone water (meat bullion).

What are Bone Water Benefits?

Bone juice strengthens the immune system, which is especially beneficial for children in their developmental age. This reduces the risk of getting sick. It is also important for children in the age of development because of the proper functioning of growth hormone.

Bone water consumption in the elderly prevents diseases such as bone erosion and joint disorders

Helps digestive system work well

Strengthens memory and helps the brain to function properly.

It is beneficial for skin and hair health. Thanks to the kalogen substance contained in it, cellulite helps prevent cellulite that prevents it.

Helps to heal wounds quickly

How to Make Bone Marrow Bone Water?


* 1-1.5 kilograms of bone marrow

* Su

* Salt

* Black pepper

* Dilerseniz spice (bay leaf, thyme, rosemary)

How to Bone Bone

How to Bone Bite How to Bone Bite?

Home-made Natural Bulletin – Bone Bone Water Recipe

First, if you have the bones you have taken to make bone marble water, put it in the water 1 night before. If you do not have time, stay in the water for at least 2 hours. In this way the dirt and blood on the bones will be purified. Wash your bones waiting in the water.

Put the bones into a deep cooker and add water with 3-4 fingers on it. Open the bottom of the oven and let it boil. After you've been through, cut the gold. Bubbles will form on the bones as they boil. Get these foams with the help of a colander. After the foaming process is over, you can add spices to your tongue after adding salt and black pepper at this stage.

If you have at least 6 hours of bone water, boil for 12 hours on a chilled foot for the most delicious result. If you use a pressure cooker, 2 hours will suffice. Once you have matured, close the bottom of the oven, take the bones inside and let it cool to room temperature.

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You can remove the bone waters by placing them in ice cube bags. It will be very easy to use on this count. Dilerenizde also put the icebergs by dividing the lid. You can use them as you like in meals, soups and rice.

The same recipe I have given can also be made with natural chickens' bullfighted chicken. You can do this by boiling a natural organic chicken, especially the buttocks, instead of the crushed bone. we are patient. get good health.