How to Eat Chia Seed (Seed Seed), How to Eat

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Chia Seed – What is Seed, How to Eat? (Information about Yoghurt Chia Cure)

What is Chia Seed?

The chia seed, which we often hear in recent times, is called the seed of the chia plant that grows in South America. Experts suggest that chia seed should be consumed at least a half a spoon a day because it is very useful. You can consume the raw seeds, which are usually consumed raw, into salads, yogurt and puffs, or add bread and pastries to your dough

What is Chia Seed (Good Seed) good for, what are the benefits?

Chia seed is a complete omega-3 source. According to the best omega-3 sources, salmon and flax seeds contain more omega-3 fatty acids in chia seed. Chia seed gives energy to the body.

It facilitates digestion by preventing the constipation problem because of the fibrous structure of the mango seed.

Chia contains an amino acid named tryptophan. This amino acid gives the body a sense of satiety. At the same time sleeping arrangements and psychological improvement of the person

The rice seeds are rich in iron. For this reason, it is recommended for those who have anemia problem. 2 meal spoon means the intake of 2.2 mg iron in the body. This will cover a large part of your daily iron needs.

Drinking with Chia Seed Drinking

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Chia seeds, which are often consumed by those who want to lose weight, are preferred because they also accelerate the metabolism by giving a feeling of satiety.

According to the investigations made, chia seed has the feature of increasing insulin resistance. It arranges blood sugar on this count. It also has a low fat and cholesterol-lowering ability. It is a protection against cardiovascular diseases thanks to this benefit.

28 grams of chia seed consumed daily meets 18% of the body's calcium needs. This is important for dental and bone health.

Slimming Cure with Chia Seed Yogurt


* 1 bowl of yogurt

* 1 soup spoon chia seed

* 4-5 drops of lemon juice

* 1 tea spoon flake pepper

* 1 tea spoon biscuits

Yoghurt Chia Seed Cure

How to Eat Chia Seed Slimming Cure?

First, yoghurt and chia seed are mixed in a bowl. Let's wait for 2 hours. After 2 hours you can also add and consume lemons, chili peppers and muffins. When you apply regularly, it will give you a feeling of satiety and accelerate the fat burning.

Chia is swelling up into the seeds, which gives a great feeling of satiety.

Experts do not recommend chia seed to be consumed dry. Before consuming, you will see that yogurt is absorbed by water when it is kept in a liquid such as milk or water. You will also benefit from the water retainer feature


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