How To Call The Define On TV Broadcast


Habertürk'de "This weekend weekend" program, "How to look for a treasure" was broadcast on the topic. The program, officially sponsored by SUKU, saw a great reaction in social media.

Habertürk'de Oylum Talu'nun "This weekend the weekend" program, "How to look for a treasure" was organized with the title of a program. The program saw a great reaction in social media.

( The Media Archeology Ignorance and the Blaspheming Treasury )

Archaeologists Association, "Such a program will not! We condemn Haberturk TV. It is a crime to tempt treasure. Somebody stood up to this. Society is misguided. The program is officially ignorant. "

There have been many examples of publications in the media that ignore the science of archeology and encourage treason. The media, which price every piece found and do not mind to announce it, have already come to a document that compared Göbeklitepe with the idols of Abraham's prophet.

( Archeology ignorance of the media shot at the roundabout )

already quite common in Turkey in treasure hunting and caught a few treasure hunters While there were no criminal proceedings are necessary, the media has also been interpreted as unacceptable to support this crime.


Archaeophile editorial service. Contact:

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