How many stones will a dream of a jar?

I recently posted videoda I showed a map. Remember? The hani was swollen. In my Step 3 of the Harlem, I said "start with the hard one". Some comments came from you about that part. I wanted to open it up a little more. You just need to narrow your opinion to the form of starting with difficult questions when solving tests. I wanted to give priority to what is important even though it might be difficult for us in the list of things we need to do more. Because what is usually difficult is actually what we need to give priority to. There is a very good story about it. I will not tell you that story when you're on such a road.

Because we all walk on such a long thin road. We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important how we deal with people, opportunities, people. What will we prioritize?

On the way we walk, there is sand, gravel and stone … It is like sand grains that are small, simple things that are not so important in our lives. The pebbles are a little bigger than them. So it's a little more important. Your school, your business, your money. It's really important stuff if you rock. Parents, sisters, important people like friends. Or important things like your goals, your health, books, etc.

As we walk on this road, we fill our life jar with sand, gravel, and stones. When people spend most of their time, they give priority to small things like sand. Because this is more fun. It's easier. Think of thousands of small messages flowing on Twitter or Facebook. There are hundreds of video games you play. The most sad thing is that you listen to unimportant things other people say. They are influenced by their words as small as sand. Even that's why they fight. If they can not, they will eat themselves.

After consuming all this, they are directed to other things they have to compulsorily with a conscience. There are "required" assignments to do. You need to "earn money." "You should go to work every morning." Maybe you have to spend time with people you really do not like. Talk about the agenda, but talk about unrelated news. Run around from the activity to the pussy. You think you're too busy.

There are so little space left for really important things when our jar of life is filled with these things. To the family, to friends, to the books … To the ideas that you need to think about … It is the end of the priority of the unimportant things. Some of the really important ones can not fit into his life.

What do you need to do? Rinse! There's a saying, "Shake it, shake it." Here we have to shake our life into a flat. We must prioritize the important things, the hard one, the heavy and the big ones, and then organize our time. I give the name of time to shake it. I will explain it.

We will fill the same stone, pebbles, and sand with the same kavanoza as we are walking on the road. But it's not always the way we come to work. We will start with the stones first. If we have the most important stone, we will fill all of our life jars. Yes, that means starting with the hard one. One of you does not want to admit it. But be patient. Give them all the time. Spend more and quality time with your family. Make meaningful conversations with your friends. List your books as your best friends. And perhaps your biggest stone is the "thought stone". Take time to think.

Even if these are your life, you will have lived meaningfully. But it just does not have to be these. You can then "do" things you need to do. Start filling them in your jar … They are not trivial. Of course you need to make money to make your life better. You can work to own a house, a car. You must be successful at school for this. In your post-school life, you should give your business a boost. You should try to do everything you need to do. The jar looks almost full, does not it? Now is the time to shake it. When you shake it a bit, do not worry if you manage your time and sit down instead of the stones. Even the empty space in the jar remains. After that, you start to put the little sands. Well, they're the easiest. They get jammed before they shake too much. They have room for a balanced life. There is room to play and to play in this life.

It is said that he told this story to the students of a philosophy professor. I've searched your source, but I could not find exactly where it came from. You will understand an anonymous story. But this is a very memorable example of prioritizing important work. Moreover, after placing all the stones, pebbles and sand in the second scenario, he cast a coffee on the professor. Is this the professor I told you in the coffee videos before? Anyway, you can also make tea with any other liquid. In every case there is room for them in that jar. I would have poured water. You can also tell the meaning of this in comments.

My message is briefly: If you want to live full of life, first fill the stones, then the pebbles and finally the sand and rinse. Then even the meaning of life remains in that jar …

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Last week the videotape showed a bullish message to Sunday morning. In this video, we filled the stones, pebbles and sand for the jars of Thursday evening people. Let's see what happens on the next video? Live until full life. How many stones do you have in a jar of life? Search for your answer in your priorities.

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