How is the genital area cleaned?

There are rules for cleaning the genital area that every woman needs to know. As your best friend "High Heels", we offer recommendations that we try and trust for genital cleansing . Read each step carefully and get the information needed for vaginal area health.

You can find the solution to the problems of the genital area such as discharge, bad smell, itching, etc.

  1. Do not use soap in genital cleansing!

Sexual intercourse, menstrual period and toilet post genital You may want to clear your area. However, the product you use for this process is extremely important. The soap may cause the vaginal PH balance to deteriorate. Symptoms such as pain, itching, bad smell, discharge may occur. Most ideal is to choose products that are suitable for your genital area needs.

  1. Pay more attention to cleanliness during the period

Unwanted odor, discharge, itching occurs in the genital area due to the use of the pad buffer or the hygienic pad. On special occasions, you need to pay more attention to cleanliness. If you are using a bumper, be sure to renew within 3 hours. Hygienic pads can change in 4 hours depending on bleeding frequency. Using the same buffer or pod for a long time can damage the vaginal flora and cause bacterial recruitment.

  1. Strengthen your health with foods that contain probiotics!

Hippocratic, considered as the hometown of modern medicine, emphasizes the importance of nourishing health by saying, "Your medication is your medication, your medicine is medication." From here you can get help from the food to protect the vaginal flora and to be stronger against fungal infections. Include probiotic-containing foods such as homemade pickles, yoghurt, cheese, combi tea, goat's milk, apple juice in your daily diet.

  1. Increase security by choosing cotton underwear!

Synthetic underwear can cause harmful bacteria to enter the genital area. You should use your preference for 100% cotton lingerie useful for women's health. In particular, if you are going to be in an office or school environment where you need to continue with the same underwear for a long time, wear clean and cotton underwear before leaving the house in the morning. Even if you do not shower every day, change your underwear to clean the genital area.

  1. Prefer special products for genital area cleaning!

We want the "Gvyna" consultant, designed in accordance with the structure of the genital region and needs! We use it as "High Heels" editors and we are very satisfied! Genital cleansing If it is very important for you, sometimes you have problems such as vaginal bad smell, discharge, itching, Gvyna products are for you! Our reasons are very strong:

  • Gvyna products have a soft formula that does not contain alcohol and soap. It allows the external genital area to remain clean and healthy without irritating the skin.
  • Acidic pH value creates a natural defensive mechanism that protects against the generation of harmful external agents.
  • The natural lactic acid in the contents of all Gvynia products helps to replicate Lactobacilli and protect against harmful external factors by forming an acidic environment in the external genital area.
  • Gvyna products have been tested clinically and dermatologically / gynecologically. Gvyna products are suitable for daily use.

To us, every woman should have Gvyna products on their personal care. Every time you want, you can safely clean the genital area. You can feel more confident with the cleaning gel that gives you instant relief and cleanliness.

We advise you to keep your Gvyna cleaning wipes in your bag for emergencies. Life prepares surprises every moment! Maybe you will get a meal invitation from the man you like when you're out. You have to be prepared, do not you?

For more detailed information and sales points on Gvyna products with precise, relaxing, fresh options, visit the website

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