How does the sun look from other planets? – Greenist

Ron Miller, who has a special interest in the space since childhood, has read and watched everything that has passed through space. Miller, who did not lose interest in adulthood during his adulthood, began to do scientific research on the surface of other planets after observing 2001: The Space Odyssey, and decided to portray how the sun would look from other planets, adding account of the distance of each planet to the sun. ]

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Ron Miller says that during the course of his work he was harder to research and portray planets than to look at the sun.


Here are some of the artist's works:


# 1 Mercury


# 2 Venus


# 3 World


# 4 Mars

  # 19 Jupiter
# 19 Saturn


# 7 Uranus


# 8 Neptune


# 9 Pluto


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