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By eliminating the presence of any parenthood that is a threat to the immune system's metabolism, will be regarded as an effective formation in the regular functioning of the systems which are manifested in relation to the body structure. This system, which is based on the toxic substances and the fact that the virus or the bacteria do not take place in the body, known to be permanently active, but will be subject to some degradation if it is aged.

Although the immune system involved in protecting cells from toxic pathogens is located within any tissue or organ, it is also divided into primary and secondary lymphoids. Among the primary lymphoid organs are bone marrow and thymus; lymph nodes and spleen on the foreground. Bone marrow is important for the immune system; B cells, natural killer cells, immature thymocytes, blood cells and thrombocytes; plays an important role in bringing the immune system to the stage.

These cells, which are in the immune system and produced by bone marrow, taking part in every tissue and organ; it has a function based on lifting viruses and bacteria together with existing harmful pathogens. Harmful substances removed from the cell by the cells; gathering in the spleen organ; the discharge of the body by discharge from the body will occur and the body will be active in the protection of the balance.



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