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I do not know what your animal friends approach to music, but I have a cat, and when I listen to the punk, it even rhythms with its tail in its sleep. Or old school loves hip-hop. When he hears a music he does not like, he smiles. I know that cats and dogs are watching TV, and I have witnessed that they even use the controls. But the pleasure of having fun with music is the most pleasant one. Already in a study conducted at the University of Glasgow in January 2017, it became clear that dogs have their own musical pleasures . Spotify heard this research and of course partnered to match people and dogs according to their music preferences with an animal shelter named " Tierschutzverein München e.V. " in Germany because it is music related.

Take Your Dog to the Concert of the Artist Who Loved Just to Tour

Serviceplan Adoptify if the name of the project passed by the advertising agency is . In the system running on the internet site, the site is synchronized with a shelter in Munich. At the shelter, it is noted that each dog chooses which type of music it is. They are probably doing what the dog likes about music by testing various playlists. All the dogs on the spot are standing in line with the taste of music. Thus, visitors to the site can watch the videos about the dogs and own the dog whose music is pleasing to the taste.

The agency Serviceplan, who has been campaigning for years, thinks that Spotify is the music service provider that best analyzes music listeners and understands their preferences. Now, with this project, the agency is also very excited about using Spotify's analysis knowledge for dogs. Adoptify will also offer suggestions on personalized video banners, showing the same tasteful dogs to music listeners.

Marks are really good campaigns for animal ownership. As Adoptify, Pedigree made a campaign to own an animal and transformed his face into a derelict dog using Facebook's enhanced reality filters


(19459020) Indie-Rock (19459020) Indy-Pop (Welpen): Alex Cohen
Hip-Hop (Gloria): Wear you out – Tyrone Briggs
Milo): Noises – Mike Mains
Classical (Moshi): Nessun Dorma – Giacomo Puccini
Electro (Ray): Do not panic – No control

Advertiser: Tierschutzverein München eV
Creative Media Partner: Spotify GmbH

Creative Manager, Global: Alexander Schill
Creative Management Partner, Germany: Matthias Harbeck
Agency: Serviceplan Campaign X

Serviceplan Campaign X:
Creative Director: Hans-Peter Sporer
Creative Director: Luitgard Hagl
Advertising Writing: Kornelia Szatko, Leon Morelli
Art Direction: Michael Lux
Account Manager : Konstanze Kliesch
Film Production Company: Neverest GmbH & Co. KG

Producer: Nicole Ostermeier
Producer Assistant: Saskia Diers

Director: Luis de Maia
Director of Photography: Sebastian Hofer
Upper Producer: Maggy Fischer, Anett Grünbeck

Media Agency: Plan.Net Media
Digital Agency: Plan.Net Technology & Datamints
Technical Managers: Felix Koschmidder, Heinrich Plener

Headline image: Tierschutzverein München e.V.

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