How are smartphone models produced and tested? [Video]


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Every year hundreds of new models of smartphones are on sale. Have you ever wondered how these models are produced and tested?

There is a video with really surprising details that reveals all the process that we are seeing if you are saying yes to this.

Linus Tech Tips OnePlus sponsored new model OnePlus 6 from the largest technology-focused channels of YouTube and a very nice tour of the test facility. The video, which reveals the production phase of the phone, in fact sheds light on the industry as a whole . China-based factories generally do this kind of production. When we look at the video, it seems that many processes are done by employees on the production side. Contrary to what's supposed to be the case, robots are used in more sensitive tasks. The phone, which has been passed through the quality control phase in many steps, gets its interior hardware by its incredibly fast staff when it completes its body.


Here, almost all the pieces are assembled by hand . The company, which facilitates fitting special screws and thin screws, makes use of a special machine for the back cover of the phone. production line in which the produced models are continuously visually inspected, then goes through the quality testing phase. Everything from the headphone jack to the screen, from the speaker to the WiFi signal and to the camera is tested individually in special machines . The company, which also performs the durability tests on falling models, low temperature and rain before leaving the store, seems to have built a complex but business structure for trouble-free production.

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OnePlus 6


What features does the newest smartphone OnePlus 6 have seen in production and testing?

When viewed, the phone is built on a 6.2 inch 2280 × 1080 pixels AMOLED screen. It can be obtained with the Snapdragon 845 processor and Andreno 630 from the graphics unit OnePlus 6 6GB or full 8 GB of RAM . On the storage side The phone that offers 64/128/256 GB does not have a microSD slot. The phone, which can be charged in a short time with the battery Dash Charge (5V at 4A) in the capacity of 3.300 mAh, comes with gigabit LTE support with 4 × 4 MIMO antenna structure. Like the other flagships, it has a dual lens camera system which uses a 16 megapixel and 20 megapixel setup. In front of the camera, a 16 megapixel camera can generate blurry images with artificial intelligence . The phone has a starting price of $ 529.






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