Honor Tan's written and directed 'Bal Kaymak's gala was made

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<p> Director Onur Tan, "We wanted to get the story of people who are looking for real, warm, sincere bliss from within life. In the end we tried to tell you that true happiness is a family that really loves you. "</p>
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"" Bal K Kaymak "written and directed by Onur Tan, who directed the series " " was also performed with the participation of well-known names as well as the film crew.

Kancan AVM In the event, Tan, who was in charge of the press, explained to the audience that the movie is a movie that we feel is lacking in the mainstream Turkish cinema for many years and it is hot, cheerful, We wanted to get the story of people who are looking for real, warm, sincere, happiness from within life. In the end, we tried to tell you that true happiness is a family that really loves you. We thank you very much for sharing this with us, both laughing and having fun. "

Tarlik Ünlüoğlu, the main actor, expressed his intention and conscientiousness, and said, "I am based on work, sincere in my opinion, based on all things in the world. If you are sincere, it's no problem. We tried to do something like that. "

Filmin pointed out that he appealed to the world audiences, said:

"This is a world film that speaks Turkish. Because there are such problems in the world as well. There is a world where the family is now demolishing. I think we should seriously reconsider the parents, parents and children. I think this is something like that. I think we've succeeded. Because we all, especially our director and screenwriter Honor Tan and we players believe in this story. We have made every effort to achieve this. We did it very briefly and I think we have succeeded only because of our sincerity. "

Sabina Toziya, who plays the character of "Eve", said that the film was a very beautiful film and that the audience would be very pleased, reporting that the shootings took place in Macedonia.

"We made a film like honey cream in the Balkans"

Filiz Ahmed also had a lot of fun and happiness during the filming, saying, "I hope you will be happy. You have fun too while watching the movie. We made a film like honey cream in the Balkans. "

Kenan Çoban, who played the character named "Soldier" in the film, thanked everyone who passed the test and found that "the road was open and the road was full".

The child actress Beren Gökyildiz is also a very beautiful film and expressed that they had a lot of fun, "Filming was very good. It was fun. Everyone has a lot of fun. We were so happy. Our team is also very successful. There was also a Dobro (dog) and we had a lot of fun with it. "

Sinan Albayrak, who is one of those who came to watch the film, underlined that it is the family film of Bal Kaymak and said:

"There are films made to fool people with simple productions that have escaped very cheaply. The film of Onur Tan gives a family warmth and will give people the same quality and taste as the story. I am very hopeful about this film. I think we will enjoy watching. "

The actor Şevket Çapkınoğlu noticed that a warm family atmosphere was reflected in the film and said, "It is a sincere, emotional and funny movie that tastes like old Turkish movies. We already know players on the board and the director's previous work. I think this team is going to sign a good film. Make plenty of food. "

Famous names such as Orhan Gencebay, Oktay Kaynarca, İlker Başbuğ, Hakan Peker, Fikret Orman also participated in the film, where all the cast members were present with Filmin producers.

will meet with moviegoers on May 18

Tarık Ünlüoğlu, Sabina Toziya, Beren Gökyildiz, Kenan Çoban, Filiz Ahmet, Yunus Emre Yıldırım, Melissa Yıldırımer and Ömer Tan took part in the shootings in Macedonia and Istanbul.

Big Play Entertainment (2D Media) / Sertaç Demirtaş, Filmin, prepared to enter the vision of Yusuf Karataş, is as follows:

"Honey Kaymak is a mass of loves that the sun has burned, the water suffocates, the air freezes, but the Balkan lands can not cover up yet. The heroes of this fairy tale, dividing the entire village from one side of the plate to the other and impossible to meet, are Adam, Eve and Bade. For the small Bade who has succeeded in building a beautiful, colorful and pure world in his heart, all the struggles of his life are elsewhere in other worlds.

Bade, a hard-boiled grandfather who produces the world's best bean with hard-working bees and a huge dog, and a loving grandfather who does not find a hot home to stay with a stubborn, angry, disgusted grandmother who makes the best slippage of the world, , a little girl who believes in angels and goodness. Bade, who resists strong winds between grandparents and grandmothers, and his friend Omer, who is just as young as himself but with a sense of intelligence, strength and hard work, will take a journey to a new era of masculine and adventurous away from his childhood years. "