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Google who has made a surprise move over the past few years and has become Alphabet and became a subsidiary of it is doing some serious research in some non-existent parts. Here are some interesting details for a project from them .

Behind this mentioned project is Verily formerly known as Google Life Sciences . Directly affiliated with Alphabet the company is working on a number of scientific developments, especially contact lenses for diabetic patients . Verily who draws himself in general despite his extreme dependence now with a more interesting wearable project . According to CNBC, the company develops a device in the form of a clock that can take blood samples. It is said that the product, which is indicated to work with the micro-needles located within it, makes the blood sampling / blood collecting process much easier on this count. Both the needle fobisini and the product that he raised from the middle and did not suffer from are also moving through the needles using the magnet .


Google attaches great importance to healthcare

It is stated that the project which stated that it is a very long slow-motion table is still in the process of prototype . The project, which is said to be in front of you for many years, seems really interesting. This project is particularly good for people who need [diabetes patients] who need constant blood supply. The fact that the process is brought into the form of an intelligent clock means that the process becomes incredibly easy.

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