Harley Quinn of DC Universe Successful Actor Margot Robbie

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After stars from Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett to Australia, Margot Robbie first comes to mind as a representative of the new generation of actors. The blonde, climbing the fame steps in his 20s, was reunited with the film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), which starred in the world of cinema with Leonardo Di Caprio as a series player in the early years of his advent of Hollywood. Now let's take a closer look at the life of the beautiful star, who once embraced the cover of magazine magazines.

A 28-year life spanning Australia's only sandy beaches to the reds of Hollywood

His famous name is Margot Elise Robbie; In the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, Sarie Kessler, a physiotherapist, and farmer Doug Robbie came to the world as 3 out of 4 children. As a child of a divorced family, the famous star who spent most of her youth and childhood with her mother moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and still lives in America.

Margot Robbie was born to be a star

Moved to Melbourne to study acting at a young age, the actor winked at the white screen with his performance in many commercials on Australian television until he played in the first series, Neighbors.

America full of adventure

Margot Robbie was a well-known figure in Australia when he went to Hollywood in 2011 to show his acting skills. In his early years, he was able to play in Hollywood as well. He then took a giant step forward in Hollywood cinema with his films "Time to Love (2013) and Money Hunter (2013)," which allowed him to be known worldwide for his acting.

Up to now, the artist has performed in 24 films and has produced nine film projects

(2013), Love (2014), Focus (2015), Tarzan's Legend (2016), Suicide Squad: The Reality (2013), as well as the striking role of Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie Money Hunter She met with her audience in the films of Kötüler (2016), Ben Tonya (2017), Terminal (2017), Rabbit Peter (2018), Mary, Quene Of Scots; I experienced the first production experience with the Tonya film.

Margot Robbie prefers to be associated with his work, not his love

The name of the beautiful actress who married Tom Ackerley in 2014 on the set of Filmin's "For Love" in the last days of 2016 is remembered among the sexiest players many times; it is quite a surprise that the young player does not engage in magazine pages with scandal news.

Hyperactive and extremely athletic

When he was 8 years old, he was trained in the circus class, an elective course in elementary school with a system where we were relatively foreign, showing his trapeze ability in "Suicide Squad". The player who likes to work with sports such as motorbikes, windsurfing, skiing seems to owe the athletic body and the sports he has made to the form.


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