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The LEGO blocks are materials that are so passionately attached to adults as well as children. kinetic sculptures made from LEGO LEGO biography LEGO's retro technology kits LEGO cathedrals We witnessed the 1964 model Ford Mustang and the more crazy project. I'm sure we will continue to witness what's new. NINE's LEGO-compatible furniture collection, Stüda is also a new addition to this collection.

Leave messages with LEGO blocks on top of dolabin, add various designs

Italian design studio NINE has created a beautiful playground for children who want to have fun with their children as well as their leftovers. LEGO blocks can be placed on the surface of the cabinets in the studio series. The cabinets to be exhibited at the Milano Design Week this month have a very simple look like box. This simplicity, rather simplicity, offers the user a choice of 2-way use. The cabinets can be used as if they are Scandinavian style furniture or the surface can be decorated with LEGOs and decorated by the user. So you can leave messages on cabinets, add objects like vases, photo frames, bowls, phone charging stations. As you work on a horizontal surface, you are less likely to hit your LEGO blocks and burn your bones.

You can follow NINE's work through Instagram and Facebook page .

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