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In high school, there is absolutely the instrument playing in your surroundings. Absolutely 3-4 friends from the school came together and set up a music group. They have stolen in various places of the city you live in. They have worked with many foreign songs and even have a Nirvana in their definitive repertoire, maybe a David Bowie if they like some hippies, but the Beatles are absolutely. I can not think of a young man who does not steal these legends. I had friends who were stealing them in high school.

Now we have news that we will give to these legendary lovers. Yes, maybe you listened to the songs of these legends, you felt close to them. Or you could have stolen their songs and someday you would have composed songs like them and dreamed of being a legend. And now you're white, because the dreams change. But do not worry, if we all made our childhood dreams true, there would be two astronauts per household in the world. Likewise, in the dreams of youth there would be many artists who follow the same art, but maybe we would like to have a YouTube and Instagram art world. So do not worry about your work and download the new font family that the French graphic designer team has released free of charge to make you feel closer to the legends.

How do you feel like they are writing like them?

French graphic designers Julien Sens and Nicolas Damiens transformed the handwriting of music legends David Bowie, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg into freely available fonts. And these artists made their own fonts in their own personal letters. The designers who produce in New York are stuck with a long time with this project for a month. They created five fonts that they developed using "original handwritten letters and notes" drawn by musicians. On behalf of Songwriter Fonts they have published this font series on a site.

Songwriter inspired the young songwriters of the crew in the creation of the fonts called Fonts. According to the team, if you are trying to write in the handwriting of your favorite musician, maybe even letters, numbers and symbols can inspire you. As a result, everyone will have no inspiration for Yoko, Courtney, and fonts for the new generation. In fact, one point has an interesting approach. So if it is inspiring and exciting to play Kurt Cobain's guitar, why not write it in his writing. Or you could write a Famous Blu Raincoat like Leonard Cohen. It will not be clear where the inspiration will come from.

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