Hande Yener and Seren Serengil's Frenzied Social Media Fight – The Geyik

Hande Yener was sitting on an agenda. By revealing Seren Serengil with a strange share. At the bottom of the article you can not see if you have the original of this share.

Singer Hande Yener and Seren Serengil had a hard debate over social media accounts. Two famous names were loaded with very strong accusations against each other. In the magazine program Serengil provided with the wart of the tartan, Hande Yener was the first to appear in the Telitmeter investigation, and he did not believe it and said "I will investigate it."

Serif Serengil, who doubtfully approached the magazine program presented by Hande Yener as the most played name in the telemetry research on the radio, came up with a scandalous 'answer' from Hande Yener.

Hande Yener published a topless photo of Seren Serengil in his Instagram profile and added the note "Aa looks at serenmetreye, can not see again".

This share was removed from the page after a while and Yener shared the following note: I deleted the Instagram I found obscene …

This time, Serengil replied to Yener's shares with very strong allegations. Serengil, who shares a video on the chart, says, "People who use drugs do not do normal movements. People who use drugs are not clear, "he said.

Serengil said in his videos: "I could not get out because Berna did not take me out of the house. You really do not bother yourself. People who use drugs do not do normal movements. People who use drugs do not have a clear head. When they find people photographing distant photographs while they are sunbathing in my head 15 years ago, so that they can see the bikini on the sculpture of my mother's house, they can neither cover their disgusts in their lives nor close their failures. Cares. I led the lawyer. He will do that. Do not be sad. I kiss you. "

After this video of Serengil, Yener added a photo from a clip and added the note "Which heads are Hande". ]

Hande Yener shared his statement that Serengil was arrested in a 15-year-old drug operation in an ex-interview.

The fight seems to be going on today too …


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