Hair Painted For The First Time As Part Of Dead Burying Ritual


A cave in Balearic Islands, Minorca, was discovered 3,300 years ago as part of the burial rituals of the dead

Archaeologists from the University of Granada conducted a series of excavations at the Biniadris Cave in Menorca, Balear Islands, where they found evidence to illuminate the mysterious funeral rituals of the excavations.

This cave, dated to the Bronze Age, is known to have been used by many different communities from 3300 to 2600 years ago. This pioneering research project includes a large number of participants, including researchers from Germany, Tübingen University and the University of Cambridge, UK

Archaeologists found a number of discoveries in the Biniadris Cave in Menorca that illuminated the burial rituals of the dead that were applied between the end of the 2nd Millennium BC and the beginning of the 1st Millennium BC

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In the excavations carried out in the cave, about 100 human skeletons were seized, and the researchers were also able to dye the dead hair red, place the measurements intentionally right in the middle of the caves, use ceramics during funerals and puncture the skull called "trepan"

It is also possible to enlighten the rituals of many interesting funerals such as

The project, both researchers from the Department of Prehistory and Archeology at the University of Granada, Eva Alarcón García and Dr. Auxilio Moreno is directed by Onorato.

Skeletal remains discovered in Biniadris Cave. C: Universidad de Granada

DR. "There are no other examples of such social practices on the Iberian Peninsula, they are purely Balearic," says Alarcón. Within these applications, vegetation materials (branches, logs, etc.) during the ritual are placed in the center of the cavern, and also the degree of fragmentation, iron oxide accumulation on them, and so on. they are said to have used a variety of items, such as ceramic tools, which are thought to play an important role.

It is thought that the most important part of the ritual of funeral is the painting of the dead hair. Dr. Alarcón and Dr. According to Moreno, the red-painted stitches on his hair had a symbolic value for these social groups. These tufts, which were cut off perfectly, were then carefully kept in cups prepared in different sizes from different materials such as metal, wool and even wood, hidden in certain areas of the cave.

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According to researchers, one of the most interesting details discovered after the excavation is that the dead are dressed. During the excavation it is reported that double-breasted buttons, needles and even pieces of cloth belonging to clothes are found. Up to now, five trefoil-treated skulls have been documented and these skulls are currently being analyzed.

Entrance of Biniadris Cave in Minorca. C: Universidad de Granada

Hair and fabric pieces are being dated at Cambridge University using the Carbon 14 method. In the Organic Chemistry Department, residues found in ceramic pots are examined, while researchers at Granada University analyze other findings in depth

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It is no doubt that those discovered in Biniadris Cave will have many questions in their minds and will also lay the groundwork for archaeological as well as anthropological research. For now, the main aim of the research is to solve the mysteries of these mysterious funeral rituals that were practiced in Biniadris Cave very long ago.

Universidad de Granada. March 18, 2018.

Article : García, M. A., & García, E. A. (2018). Bone tools for the deceased: Bronze Age funerary cave of Biniadris (Menorca, Spain). Quaternary International.


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