Greenist [1945900] All the information you want to reach about the environment friendly activities we selected from Istanbul's calendar of events from April 9th ​​to 15th We collected.   Good week!   Tuesday, April 10 – Open Course on Global Warming and Climate Change   The Kandilli Observatory, which began its work in 1868 with meteorological observations and measurements in the name of Observatory-i Amire, examines the mechanisms of global warming from the most important environmental problems of the last century to explain the reasons   This open course to be held with Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Meteorology Laboratory research officer Adil Tek will start at 19:00 at Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center. You can visit the Facebook address of the event here .   Tuesday, April 10 – Nutrition to Happiness   Taking time to play is a must for a happy life, feeding in color, sleeping in support of body cycle, exposure to daylight, supporting relationships in life. Organized by the Integrated Nutrition and Health Coach Pinar Taşkınlar, you can discover the importance of happiness in this workshop, nutrition, lifestyle and nutritional supplements.   The participation fee for this event, which will start at 19:00, is set at 100₺. To join you can email . You can browse the Facebook page of the event here.   April 10 Tuesday: Scientific Plant Painting – Habitus Workshop     Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden, founded in 1995 by Ali Nihat Gökyiğit, for the purpose of creating a souvenir park on behalf of his wife Nezahat Gökyiğit, is a workshop about the drawings giving the general appearance of the tree we call "Habitus" organizing.   For contact and registration: E-mail: Tel: 0216 456 4437 – 0542 340 87 17   Wednesday, April 11: Sustainable + Impact on the Value Chain with FoodBack-Smart Agriculture     creation of people in the Change purpose of creating, co-production culture by adopting them in a physical space and a network together to bring targeted Impact Hub Istanbul, on Wednesday at 19: 00 Anadolu Efes Corporate and WWF Turkey (World Wildlife Foundation) He is talking about the Smart Agriculture Project, which he has been living with by saying "In Future Agriculture."   You can reach the Facebook page of the event here.   Wednesday, April 11 – Renewing Eating  

This week in the city of Kokopelli follows the question of how we can renew our bodies with the editors of the City Ecological Practices and Dietitian Deniz Yemişçi who work on clean food and non-toxic practices.

At the same time the workshop will focus on healthy eating with the relationship of toxins and foods, an antioxidant salad will be made with the participants.


You can fill in the participation form by clicking here for the event to be held with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 20 participants. Participation fee is 130]. ​​For further information, you can write your questions at .


You can find detailed information on the workshop and the Facebook page here.


Saturday, April 14 -Minute Vegetable and Fruit Construction Workshop


With the growth of the ready-to-eat food sector, many products are not known because they can be grown in our soil. To this end, the Children's Workshop organizes a fun event for children, producing cold cuts of fruits and vegetables, while telling children the benefits of many fruits and vegetables in the presence of color cards.


This event organized for +4 age group children will start at Kadikoy at 14:00. You can visit the Facebook page of the event here.


Saturday, April 14 – Foam Probiotic Drinks Workshop



Elif Özizmir, who saw the second brain as a way to equip our intestines with beneficial bacteria as well as to make probiotic drinks at home, organized a Probiotic Drinks Workshop with Foam in Addition Between 10: 30-12: 30 hours on Saturday, April 14th.


The workshop started by describing different fermentation techniques such as yeast, mushroom and whey, and will be explained step by step through the construction of kombucha, ginger ale and aromatic soda representing each method. You will also have the chance to taste all the fermante drinks Elif Özizmir has done.


The fee for the workshop, which is limited to 16 people, is set at 80₺. Just send an email to for registration at the workshop . You can visit the Facebook page by clicking here


Saturday, April 14 – Rising Bostan Workshop


This workshop, organized by Kokopelli City, which is established as a learning and experiential area focused on sustainable life and ecology for children and adults in Sarıyer, aims to teach the participants how to grow their own food firstly, they will return as they have taken the first step of their houseboats.


You can fill in the participation form by clicking here for the event to be held with the participation of at least 10 and no more than 20 people. Participation fee is 200₺. For further information, you can write your questions at .


You can find detailed information on the workshop and the Facebook page here.


Sunday, April 15: Clean-up Workshop with Natural Products


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