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The Day of the Babes, based on the historic American Civil War but now celebrated around the world, is a special day celebrated in many countries every year on the third Sunday of June.

This year's Babar Day is the same as Ramadan Bayramı, so 2018 Babar Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 17.

To celebrate this special occasion, we prefer to be environmentally friendly gifts to our parents. An alternative to the consumer culture, handmade and offered gifts for the gifts that your father can use during the day, [7]

1. Homemade pre-shave oil

This pre-shave oil that your father can use all the time will keep your father's skin shiny and soft.

When preparing this oil, mix olive oil with an equal amount of grape seed oil and then just add a few drops of essential oil from the oil you choose.

When preparing this oil, you can change essential oils in accordance with your skin. For example, you can use bergamot oil for dry skin, jasmine oil for sensitive skin or orange oil for oily skin, but lavender oil is a good feature for all kinds of skin.

It is possible to prepare a homemade shaving cream for your father if you want it at the same time with the oil before shaving. You can check this out for .

2. ÇEKÜL 7 Wood Forests

You can also support your father in the name of ÇEKÜL, which creates 7 trees and 7 tree forests representing the natural resources that a person consumes in a year. By clicking on this adrese you can reach your future, your father's love, "to the future."

3. Patterns in your father's favorite cup

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<p> Every father has a cup of tea or coffee. Make sure that when you see a beautiful watercolor pattern that will remember you when you see it, it will be his favorite cup. </p>
<p> It is really easy to make this project, you just need a white ceramic cup <strong> and a nail polish you will need to paint afterwards. </p>
<li> Put hot water in a container that you will not worry about smudging. </li>
<li> You can give it the shape you want by mixing one or a few drops of oogenizer into hot water after mixing it, as it is familiar to those who follow or do it. </li>
<li> Cup soak in water </li>
<li> With acetone you can take out the stains that you see too much or under the cup and arrange them according to your wishes. </li>
<li> If you want, you can continue adding different colors. </li>
<li> You can use your cup after waiting two hours. </li>
<p> <strong> 4. TEMA Foundation: Father love exists in our mother </strong> </p>
<p> <a href= The TEMA Foundation initiated the Babes Day campaign with the slogan "Father love exists in our mother". You can also support the TEMA Foundation's donation to the foundation by donating on behalf of your father. Click here to support the TEMA Foundation .

5. Spend time with your father

Though the recipes are beautiful each other, it is important to spend time with your father, which is important. Especially with holiday holidays there are valuable times to get rid of the strut in the future.

One of the most beautiful ways of this, one will be nature walks. Activities such as walks, bicycle rides, etc. in the park areas you will go together will provide you with the benefit of dozens of things not just stress, but the health of nature .

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<p> You will experience not only the day of the Babes but also the family together, and the adventures will always be remembered. This is a comfortable and peaceful journey, both economical and ecological. For this you can look at the 9 most beautiful routes of Europe <a href=

Calmer and for those who want to spend time with nature verbatim you will find peace in nature can examine Turkey's 7 of 11 eco-farm . You can be with your father in communities that work together for a purpose, without distinction, while at the same time they are found on the farms or on a voluntary basis.

It is also a fun to prepare breakfast with your father for those who do not have a vacation plan. By clicking here you can browse all 3 healthy and satisfying breakfast recipes.

Happy all the fathers day of the father 😊

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