Greece's virgin holiday destination: Halkidiki


We planned a Halkidiki holiday with my wife in Nice after the holiday, saying " Greece is such a beautiful, cheap " conversation.

We had very little time left to finish our Schgen 's viziers and we had some money. We had never been to Greece before, and frankly it seemed like a Schengen advantage and a vacation plan that we could use most effectively for our money

How to get there?

We went to Thessaloniki by bus from Istanbul, and to Halkidiki by bus again from Thessaloniki. The return was made from Thessaloniki to Istanbul. Greece had time to many cities in Turkey.

Note: The buses depart from Esenler Bus Station. You can go to Esenler by learning the closest bus service to your house and going to the service.

How much is the ticket?

There is a charge of 35 Euros per person. The cost of the plane was very expensive because the period we went was "high season". 2 people came to a hold of about 600 TL. The bus was much more economical in this sense.


It is going over Tekirdağ-Keşan-İpsala.

What documents are required?

We need your passport and Schengen visa. Green passports do not require a visa. Young people under 18 years of age are required to obtain a notarized consent to be separated from their parents.

Note: Your passport will be requested from you at the border while we receive your ticket at Esenler (we bought an online ticket, bought the printed ticket at Esenler)

How many hours do you have?

It takes about 7 hours.

In what season should we go?

Summer, summer, summer!

Ipsala border gate
  • You are coming off the bus in Ipsala and are searching the buses with the dogs. Standard procedure, do not be afraid.
  • In Ipsala there are long vehicle tails in summer and daytime, and the tail continues for miles. The night journey becomes more efficient, fewer vehicles in this sense (I know that not everyone who goes to Greece, but everyone who drives to Europe goes through this gate).
  • In Ipsala you take your passports and enter the tail. Here you are asked to check the foreign check-offs. You can get the exit stamp from there. But here everything is very slow, the Greeks are not as thrilled as we are. We waited so long for the exit pulp that the officers in charge of the passport control allowed me to pass through the waiting without getting exhausted.
Where are you coming from, where are you going from Halkidiki?

  • Buses do not have permission to enter the city. For this reason, they download the city (Thessaloniki) in about 15 minutes and get on their services. The services are going to the city. The bus stops at the train station and the train station. Keep track of where you are going and get down to the right place.
  • After you get off at the bus station, you can get information about which bus goes from the "information desk". Unfortunately, there is no orientation in the dock where you land, we have been looking for 15-20 minutes like a chopped chicken and then decided to give up and ask for counseling.
  • Inside, the main terminal section tells you which directions the buses are heading. We were told that we would not go directly to Halkidiki, we would go to the municipal bus to a point, then transfer to a point like the intermediate terminal and go to the main bus to Halkidiki. We followed this instruction.
  • In summary you are going to Halkidiki with 2 buses. One is the city bus, the other is the Halkidiki tour bus.
Ticket purchase

There is a machine in the municipality bus to go to the transfer point where you can buy tickets. There is a fee of 1.5 Euros

When you arrive at the area you are transferring, you are getting a ticket to ride the main bus to Halkidiki. They work in cash here, no credit card accepted. You should definitely get Euro cash. These tickets are 8 euros per person.

How long does it take to go to Halkidiki from Thessaloniki?
  • It takes about half an hour to go to the point where you will make the transfer (due to the individual processes).
  • It takes about 1 hour from the transit area to Halkidiki (we can stay in Afitos in Halkidiki and it lasts for an hour). Halkidiki consists of 3 islands and this time may vary according to the distance of the point you are going to go.
  • The bus does not leave you in a terminal. There are counties that have a terminal, but there are no terminals at points like Afitos. You need to follow the map of your hotel on the map and get on the right foot. A little village full of style.

The common name given to the island group in the view of Greece's three-fingered hand is Halkidiki. The names of these islands are Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.

A monk island on the island of Athos (living close to 2000 priests). It can be accessed by boat with special permission. Only boys are being taken to this island. Women can not enter. It is also referred to as the "Autonomous Region of Aynoroz"

Kassandra is the closest region to Thessaloniki. This area offers more amusing facilities and beautiful beaches.

Sithonia is a paradise for campers, those who want to spend a quiet holiday, hidden caves.

You can think of Halkidiki as the summer resort of the Greeks. The difference from Turkey, the country has been concreted place of many of us, despite that uniformization and contaminated the Chalkidiki's huge tourism potential that have remained untouched.

We stayed in Afitos in the Kassandra region and we were very happy because of this choice.

How many days should it stay?

If you only live in a town / town, 3 days is enough. We stayed 5 days and we were at Afitos. I only went to Kalithea for half a day. That's why it's been a little over 5 days.

Where to stay?

Always set your hotel ahead because the summer season is "high season". When you go there, it can be very difficult to find it.

It is possible to find very luxurious hotels in Halkidiki especially in other cities of Kassandra. But these hotels are very expensive. For this reason, we decided to stay at the Stratos Hotel, a moderate family business, focused on having a pleasant holiday, without paying much for the accommodation

If we leave these luxurious hotels out in Halkidiki, it's like the hotels in general have been converted into family business and home to the hotel. Design, Furniture, terms or offered amenities such as state of Turkey in 80 consider.

Our hotel consisted of 2 buildings with 3 storeys, and each floor had 2 apartments. We stayed in one of the rooms facing the pool, with a large balcony. The bedding did not have a mini fridge, consoles, and a wardrobe apart from a stuff. The bathroom is small. But it was quite enough for us.

Afitos is a 2 minute walk from the bazaar, 5 minutes walk to the bus stop and 15 minutes walk to the sea

Plus it was a plus for us to have breakfast service at the hotel. There is a café / cafeteria-style area, breakfast buffet is served between 8.00-11.00 in the morning, no breakfast after these hours. There is also a mini bar area where you can have drinks and drinks.


This is the most beautiful place of Halkidiki. It is actually a small town. There is a small bazaar, lots of family-run hotels, restaurants, cafes, churches, shops to exchange foreign currency, boat rentals for renting cars or cars, souvenir shops for souvenirs. And there is plenty of altar … You can light your candle in your little altar that you can see in front of almost every house, even in front of the houses, and you can ask your wishes.

Afitos stays a little above the sea level. You can watch the beach, the blue-green sea while dining in one of the restaurant overlooking the sahara

If your goal is to dance until dawn, lose yourself, then this is not the place. Afitos is a place where you can have nice, really nice food, great sea and sandy valleys, nice wine / beer / ouzo and you can have a pleasant conversation with your family. This is the comfort and calmness of why so many children, tourists, or elderly people come. Of course not like a house of peace. As Russian tourists are all over the world, here are quite a few too. Finally they were able to go down to the hot waters … But they prefer more "all inclusive" hotels. They can not spend too much to drink,

Bazaar is very active in the evening hours. People leave the sea around 18.00 hours and go to their hotels. He takes the shower, rests and refreshes to eat. There's no starting time for dinner. At around 19.00 people are starting to come to restaurants. After meals you can have coffee in the cafés, or you can have dessert.

Souvenir shops, even pharmacies are open very late at night. Not even a church. By the way, the interior of the church is quite beautiful and crowded late at night. Despite being a small town, tradesmen live full of writing because they earn money in the summer.

The beaches are immaculate, you will not even see a pet bottle. The sea is the same. Bakir, the businesses are extremely respectful to the neighborhood. There are businesses that do not want sunbeds, umbrellas on the beach, you can only go to the sea for hours by paying what you have eaten. Some businesses charge, but you can think of them as more luxurious. They are sleek, tented, cushioned, fidelity, gentle music that does not have a sense of humor (they are not dimmit dymts like in Bodrum). There is never an exorbitant fee for sunbeds, umbrellas. In Nice, we paid 20 euros for the sunbeds (no umbrellas inside, extra umbrella extra charge), where we paid 5 euros per person to sit in these businesses to get into the sea. Moreover, we received much better service. You do not have to choose these businesses, of course, and we also have a testimony saying, "How is the sea here?"

I have a coastline on the upswing. On this coastline you can also go to the sea where there are no businesses. However, we did not choose because it is stone. We always preferred places with sand from the entrance.

The sea is warm. It's not hot, but it's not cold either. For those of you who are afraid of depth, let me say that you have to get pretty far away to deepen. You can even see where your foot is at once suddenly turned up quite a bit. Little fish will pass through your legs. You can collect small lizards from the sea. I saw the sea creatures I have not seen in our lives. Pay attention to the sea chestnut, if you are not going to swim from a place that is in operation, you can press chestnut. They do not have any trouble getting businesses together. There is no sea. You can relax comfortably. We faded our fingers and sunshine until they shrunk. You do not need a snorkel, you can see the sea dude with the naked eye already. We claim it, you can experience the best holiday of your life here!

What to eat?

We stayed for 5 days and did not eat anything bad except for the sweeties. Everything is fine, everything is delicious! We hit our heads on the stones!

The portions are incredibly satisfying. You can say everything is shared. It can be quite a lot for 1 person.

Menüler Turkish, English and Greek. Most of the waiters will be able to order from you, or they speak Turkish enough to be able to chat. You can ask everything in the menu in Turkish

  • Greek salad: A salad that you absolutely need to eat. Say tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cheese, eat. Even my wife, who found it unnecessary to eat a salad, ate from the salad full of plates. The quality of the materials and the large pieces of beauty materials.
  • How can a tomato be so tasty, we can not understand how it will reach our nose without putting the smell on the waitress's table.

  • Sea products: We may have stored Omega, which will last until the end of our life. The grilled sardines are fabulous. Calamari, shrimp, octopus heaps, your desk. He comes out from the sea on a daily basis, freshly cooked and comes in front of you. You want fried octopus grill. By the way, the daily fishes are changing and you can ask which is your fish on the day you arrive at the restaurant.
  • Attachments: Caciki is the more tender state of our caviar made with filtered yogurt. But once we taste it, it's enough. Stuffed, wrapped, aubergine, etc. Our kitchen culture like ours is also in the neighborhood against everything that we have. The versions we have on our side are more delicious. But nevertheless you can try how the neighbor has done it.
  • Dessert: The Greeks have a lot to learn from this. Unfortunately, they do not have a dessert culture. The semolina, which is also in our kitchen, has sweeties like müşebbek dessert but it is a very bad version. We could have eaten the worst semolina halva we ever had in our lives. But we came to ourselves by discovering a magnificent crepe player in the street of Afitos. After eating your food, drinking your wine and then eating a pancake, you may want to go to the cennet.
  • Coffee: No, no, no. We do not have a classical coffee that suits our taste buds. They're drinking frappe all the time. You can see it in everyone's hands at night, day and night. Caffeine is very low, it's an abundant milk-cream coffee. We packed a coffee shop we could find at the hotel but it was bad for the bad. Do not order after-dinner coffee, we gave up first in all we drink
  • Drinks: Try the Greek beers. Mythos is my favorite. Moreover, it varies from 2 to 4 Euro depending on the operation. Be sure to try the local wines from the grapes produced in the Halkidiki region. Bottle of 10 euros and many more delicious than wine in Turkey.

Especially at noon you have to go hungry in the sea and crowd with an ice-cold Mythos, consisting of Greek salad, calamari & French fries & octopus grill. This may be the most enjoyable time of day.

Especially recommended places to be:
  • Thea Thalassa
  • Taverna to Steki

How should the Islands travel?

There are businesses that rent cars, engines, ATVs and boats in Afitos. You must have a valid driving license for the car abroad. They absolutely want a B-type license to rent a motor. I mean, " You can drive a car, you have a license, I have an engine for you " There is no such thing as

Boat tours, even tour tours of other cities, or interesting places (for example, there is a world-heritage church) are also organized. But you need to plan all of them in advance, not last minute like we do. So if you have such an intention, go to these rental places the first day you arrive and get your offer. (there are detailed brochures in the hotels for the tours, and the hotel can help) The engine, ATV, car hands are not found at all, technical difficulties can be found in

Public transport and public transport networks are unfortunately not developed. On the day we wanted to go to Nikki Beach on the other side of Kassandra, we learned that there was a bus from Thessaloniki and that the bus got up at 10:00 am and arrived at Afitos at about 11.00. This bus was at around 13.00 on Nikki Beach and the next earliest cruise was at 14.00. So there were only 2 buses to Nikki Beach and we could have spent just 3 hours there with the return. There's no such thing as being out of the bus. At the bus stops there is no time, no tables, no displays, no time

What should I take?
  • This area is well known for its good taste. In many shops you can see that gift honey is sold. We bought one jar of local produce from the flowers in that area, but we can not say it was very tasty.
  • It is worth to give soap to the lover of the donkey milk.

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