Gold-plated case available for sun-charging iPhone X [Video]



Apple's next-generation smartphone came out with a very special " iPhone X Tesla" version prepared by Caviar firm before the sale of the iPhone X . Here is a self-charging model that was finally sold .

Russian-based Caviar famous for its precious stones and materials and adorned with phones, sold the only one of its kind iPhone X Tesla . The product, which is basically a cover, is unfortunately not available separately from the iPhone X. In other words, the company offers a single option under the name of "Tesla", has prepared a self-charging model with the sheath behind the solar panels. The phone, which can charge for as long as it is outside with this solar panel, does not have an official connection with Tesla . Inspired by only Nicola Tesla, Elon Musk (the first model will go to her) and Steve Jobs, this very special model has 24 carat gold plated details. The jacket, which protects the phone effectively against falling, seems to push the boundaries by using gold even on the camera screen. Panels seem to have been integrated in a shockingly stylish way, although there is still no information about how long the charge lasts with solar energy. A very thick option here does not meet us.


How much does it cost to charge the iPhone with the sun?

Of course it is not cheap at all. You only know that the phone has a sale price of $ 999. So when we look at this special version for $ 4.445 for 256 GB it has the price tag of $ 4,700 . Directly the cover that can be obtained from here is revealed in the following video





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