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The photo mode, which has recently come to the rescue in many awards, also took place in God of War . At the outset, there are at least as much fun as the game.

The highly acclaimed God of War has already taken its place among the games that marked 2018. The game is developing with a new patch. Added to the photo mode, the game offers a wide range of features to the players. With these features expanding to the filter without changing the focus distance, you can take impressive photos or make funny frames. The best part of the photo mode you can change the visibility of the characters is that you can play with Kratos and his son Atreus' face expressions. And that brings out the fun side.


Download the update of Version 1.20

How to use God of War photo mode

You can enter the photo mode in the Options section of the game. While in Photo mode, you can move on the stage with right and left analogue, you can also move up and down with R2 and L2. If you hit the square, the camera will return to its original position.

There are 5 different options in Photo mode. With the Camera option, it is possible to make adjustments such as focal length, framing. With Aperture, the depth of field, the focal length, and the Filters option can make the image more impressive with various filters. You can "decorate" the photo you took in the Borders section and add the official God of War logos. In the Characters section you can change the visibility of the framed characters and give Kratos and Atreus new facial expressions.





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