Game of Thrones 5 Series to Watch for Fans

There is a year or so as long as the new season of Game of Thrones is coming.

If you want to evaluate this period with another series that looks and feels like the GoT universe,

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular and successful series in recent years. There is perhaps one bad thing about the actress, the surprising story and the successful stage, which almost everybody lovingly watches; waiting a long time. Almost a year ago we watched the new episodes of the series and we will wait for the new season one more time. If you like the concept that GoT offers, these five series are totally unprofitable, which you can watch over the next year and they are all very successful.

The Last Kingdom

Adapted from British novelist Bernard Cornwell's novel 'The Saxon Stories', the production goes on in the 9th century England. a demolished kingdom, Viking invasions, an intriguing array of 16 episodes in total, and an average hour of episodes


The series starring Jason Momoa, who gave life to the role of Khal Drogo in GoT, tells the story of a group of people who, in the 1700s, struggled to seize the fur trade and were not afraid to use violence. The sequence of 12 episodes is 45 minutes.

The Tudors

This successful series, which made its final in the 4th season of 2010, tells the story of a king who has obsessed with taking new women into his life by killing all the married women. The average duration of the index with 38 episodes in total is 50 minutes.


This series, which is a kind of history interpretation, is very similar to the fighting families, the struggle for power and the love forgiveness abundantly in GoT. The directory has 38 episodes and the episodes average 55 minutes.


Norsemen, which is the easiest track to list, is actually a kind of comedy. But eventually, the event ends in the Viking form at the end of the 700s, which makes the story very interesting and entertaining. The directory has 6 sections and the sections are only 30 minutes.

It is possible to watch all of the sequences in the list on Netflix, but it is worth mentioning that not all of the productions are 'Netflix Original'. If there are productions that you think you look like, but you can not see on the list, you can share with us.






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