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BadBadNotGood is a jazz ensemble of young, but mature, people. These young people, who are music lovers and well-acquainted people, meet, come together and start to produce. In addition to the modern jazz team, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, and many other hip-hop and rap icons are helping and working with the album's infrastructure. Also, do not be surprised if you know the group GoodGoodNotBad, the group is also known by that name. So you do not have the wrong.

badbadnotgood has a nice audience in Turkey. A group of young populations open their singles when they gather in the houses, especially in the evenings. Or I should say it opens up on the album. The group also gave a concert in İstanbul on the 7th of July İKSV 25th Istanbul Jazz Festival . If you like, I think you should check the tickets. But before the tickets, we will look at the video they broadcast together with the band Future Islands vocalist Samuel T. Herring.

Grief Is No Destiny Only We Accept It

BadBadNotGood released the song "I Do not Know" in October of 2017 as a uniqueness. The Future Islands vocalist Samuel T. Herring, who is also present in the song, tells us about the five steps of grief on the video. The video feels like a short movie from a music video. The video, directed by Will Mayer from Stink Films, also showed partnership with Wetransfer and Among Other Things. The words of the song and especially the video tells of the individual's grief after Mayer's father lost his

According to Mayer, video shows denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance step by step. It tells us in a symbolic way how our benevolent wrestles with this sorrow and sadness. For the character in the video, life is not completely free, it ends in a triumphant victory. As we all live, he accepts that his sorrow will age with him and will end when he is gone.

This song and video is not the first partnership of Herring with the modern jazz quartet of Torontola. The band and Herring have also worked on the song "Time Moves Slow" on BadBadNotGood's IV album. You can check out the tickets of the group's July 7 concert from Biletix .

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