From 0 to 100 in 2.48 seconds; Honda Accord with Tesla engine left behind its speed record [Video]



As a Teslaonda, this crazy automobile that we had met in February started to improve its records in a short time.

About two months ago, Tesla had witnessed one of your most fantastic modification works. In addition to Tesla's Honda Accord 's first generation, which took its seventies into production, this project included a "Performance" that produced 400 kW ( 536 hp ) power instead of an internal combustion engine Large Tesla Drive Unit "was used to reveal a dragon monster. For this model, developed by HSR Motors founded by Jason Hughes and described as " Teslonda ", the most striking part among the technical data shared during that period was the acceleration section. succeeded in improving his own record by 0.3 seconds following the two-month timeframe from this "hybrid prince" who succeeded in attracting attention only by completing in 2.7 seconds from 0 to 100.


Will be an example for other users

Jason Hughes says he has the potential to get below 2.5 seconds after the 2.7-second value gained in February. He proves with 2,48 seconds Hughes, who sells Tesla battery modules, custom-built control systems and units is helping those who have internal combustion vehicles and want to turn them into electric cars like the ones they build.

We can hear the name of a successful developer who has benefited from Chevrolet Bolt's battery pack as well as Tesla in the project.





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