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During the Friday sermon, the mosque imam informed us about a communication company's internet campaign, saying, "We do not do it if the state is not an institution." The product-laying slave laughed at the audience.

The mosque imam, who gave the Friday sermon, did not break the friend's pleasure towards the end of the khutbane and made an internet advertisement of Türk Telekom.

The Imam, who received his own camera and video of the sermon,


The mosque imam during the Friday sermon says, "We do not do it, because it is the institution of the state, and because it is a friend we love very much. Türk Telekom has campaigns. 20 GB internet free for a fixed phone at home. If there is no information I just say it for information purposes. 20 GB internet 15 pounds for those who have fixed phone. 20 GB internet 30 pounds for non-fixed phone friends. The modem says free next to it and says to come and make it. If we have neighbors who are in need, they will take advantage of it. "


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