Found 1500 Year Old Onion in Sweden


A 1,500-year-old burnt onion was discovered alongside an old fireman in a circular cottage excavation in Sweden's Öland.

A burned burnt onion, more than 1,500 years old, shows a close commercial relationship between the circular castle, known as Pompeii of Sweden, and the Roman empire.

An old onion at Sandby Borg in Sweden's Öland name indicates that the gold coins and jewels that had previously been in trade with Rome went far back and even thought it was an exotic vegetable.

Excavation leader Helena Victor says, "This means that people in Öland also import food."

"They were not using onions in cooking in Scandinavia, but they were using it in the Roman Empire. I think it must have been imported. They probably saw ekstraden as a unique spice. "

This 1,500-year-old onion was discovered alongside an old fireman during a house dug in a circular house.

Victor says, "It looked like a big walnut or something else, we could not figure out what it was at the beginning."

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However, it was identified as the oldest onion in Scandinavia after being sent for analysis by Jens Heimdahl at the Swedish Museum of History.

Victor, "The fact that an onion has been found does not sound very interesting to the ear. However, the oldest onion in Scandinavia was found in Bornholm and was dated to 650 AD. This onion is dated to the end of the 5th century, which is about 300 years older. "

The settlement in the Sandby Borg suddenly ended in the fifth century, when its inhabitants were murdered, as Victor described it as "a murder mystery."

"We use judicial methods on victims because they are murder victims. We think that this massacre is the end of a civil war on the Island. "

Roman golden rings and coins discovered in the last years of the year can also be a cause.

Victor, "This discovery could help explain why the massacre took place. Maybe these people had a lot of gold and jewelery. "

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However, Victor says that this onion is more important because it provides evidence of connection with the Roman empire, which is the nearest large settlement 100 km away from Noviomagus (now the Netherlands).

"We can see the connection of this truth with the European and Roman Empire again. We always find things that show this connection, but we have not seen it before. "

The Local. April 11, 2018.


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